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Fair Business Practices

Approach to Purchasing

A fair approach to purchasing that complies with laws and regulations has become increasingly important given the current strict scrutiny of compliance and corporate ethics, even in procurement, including those concerned with human rights issues such as forced labor and child labor, and environmental destruction issues.
We have formulated Procurement Code of Conduct to stably provide excellent pharmaceuticals and health-related products. The guidelines are designed to ensure "Stable procurement" of necessary goods and services through "Appropriate methods" and "Appropriate terms and conditions." Moreover, we have formulated "Requests to Our Suppliers" not only to ensure that our employees are fully aware of this concept but also to request that our suppliers understand it and cooperate with this way of thinking. Furthermore, we are requesting cooperation in promoting CSR activities from various perspectives such as "legal compliance," "human rights and labor," and "environmental considerations," throughout the entire supply chain, including the expansion of our suppliers to their further suppliers.

Procurement Code of Conduct

In order to offer superior pharmaceuticals and health-related products, we will procure the necessary goods and services 1.through appropriate methods, 2.under reasonable transaction terms, and a stable manner.

  1. Appropriate methods
    1. (1)Compliance with laws and regulations and respect for international norms:
      we will engage in procurement activities in compliance with laws and regulations of each country and with respect for international norms.
    2. (2)Procurement ethics:
      we will engage in procurement activities with a strong sense of ethics without pursuit of personal gain or the like. We will prohibit excessive entertainment and gifts as well as requests for and the provision of kickbacks.
    3. (3)Confidentiality:
      we will not disclose confidential information obtained in the course of business to third parties without the consent of our suppliers.
    4. (4)Social considerations:
      we will promote procurement activities in consideration of human rights, labor, the environment, and the like with the aim of achieving a sustainable society.
  2. Reasonable transaction terms
    1. (1)Supplier selection standards:
      when starting transactions, we will select suppliers in a fair manner by comprehensively evaluating sustainability based on factors such as quality, delivery, cost, and reliability.
    2. (2)Transaction terms:
      we will not set transaction terms (e.g., price, payment terms, and order volume) that result in an unreasonable loss for suppliers.
  3. Stable procurement
    1. (1)Stable procurement:
      we will engage in procurement activities on a global basis to ensure stable procurement.
    2. (2)Multi-supplier procurement:
      from risk management perspective, we will strive to secure multiple supply sources for major goods and services.
    3. (3)Adequate quality:
      we will procure goods and services that meet the quality standards that we have set forth.
    4. (4)Business relationships:
      we will endeavor to build mutually beneficial relationships and establish and maintain fair and reasonable relationships with suppliers.
    5. (5)Collection of information:
      we will promptly and extensively collect information and endeavor to share information by providing the relevant divisions with the necessary information in a timely manner.