Business Partners

Fair Business Practices

Approach to Purchasing

A fair approach to purchasing that complies with laws and regulations has become increasingly important given the current strict scrutiny of compliance and corporate ethics. We ensure thorough awareness among employees and request suppliers to understand and cooperate with our approach.

Purchasing Division Code of Conduct

  • Appropriate selection of suppliers and setting of transaction terms
  • Stable procurement, cost management and supplier management
  • Precise purchasing procedures
  • Improvement of knowledge and capabilities as Purchasing Division employees
  • Thorough purchasing compliance

In the Purchasing Division, we are working to implement proper purchasing procedures by establishing the above action guidelines.

Conducting Workshops

We conduct workshops for suppliers twice a year to obtain their understanding of issues including our compliance, environmental initiatives and other policies and pharmaceutical industry trends. In fiscal 2019, the workshops were held in May and October, with over 100 business partners invited to attend each occasion.

Fiscal 2019 Spring Supplier Meeting workshop
Fiscal 2019 Spring Supplier Meeting workshop