Policies for Environmental Activities

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group promotes environmental activities and establishes tasks and initiatives for each fiscal year based on its Fundamental Policy and Code of Conduct related to the environment and on its Fifth Fundamental Environmental Plan (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2026), established in August 2021.

Fundamental Policy and Code of Conduct Related to the Environment

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group considers environmental issues a key priority in its corporate activities, and has set targets for conserving resources, reducing CO2 emissions and other environmental issues.

Fundamental Policy

The Company’s mission is to contribute to society by creating and offering superior pharmaceuticals and health-related products as well as healthcare-related information and services in socially responsible ways that enrich people’s lives by improving health and beauty. Based on this mission, we consider the environment and biodiversity in all corporate activities from product R&D, manufacturing and disposal to distribution and sales.

Code of Conduct

  1. We shall comply with environmental laws and regulations and our agreements with stakeholders including government institutions, related industry groups, and local residents. We shall also set voluntary management standards and work to improve our level of environmental management.
  2. We shall reduce our use of limited energy and resources to promote energy and resource conservation and help preserve the environment, and work to reduce CO2 emissions.
  3. We shall promote the three Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle to reduce waste and practice responsible waste treatment.
  4. We shall work to create the conditions for effective environmental initiatives by providing environmental information to all employees to raise their awareness and broaden their perspective.
  5. We shall participate in the environmental activities of related pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations, material recycling organizations and other organizations, and cooperate with them on environmental tasks.
  6. We shall work to achieve harmony with local communities by energetically participating in the preservation and improvement of the local environment.
  7. We shall proactively disclose information related to the environment and participate in various environmental events to promote communication outside the Company.
  8. We shall prepare for environmental emergencies in ways such as preparing appropriate systems and manuals, and shall upgrade our crisis management system.