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Stock Information (As of March 31,2022)

Securities Code 4581
Listed Stock Exchanges Tokyo Stock Exchange
Stock Trading Unit 100 shares
Number of Authorized Shares Common Stock 360,000,000 shares
Number of Shares Outstanding Common Stock 85,139,653 shares

Major Shareholders

No. Shareholder Number of shares (thousands of shares) % of total
1 The Uehara Memorial Foundation 15,000 18.28%
2 Shoji Uehara 7,707 9.39%
3 The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust account) 6,531 7.96%
4 Uehara Museum 3,900 4.75%
5 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. 3,000 3.66%
6 MUFG Bank, Ltd. 3,000 3.66%
7 Akira Uehara 2,143 2.61%
8 Kajima Corporation 1,650 2.01%
9 Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust account) 1,648 2.01%
10 Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited Retrust Account/ Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited Employee Pension Trust Account) 1,530 1.86%
  • * Shares less than one thousand are rounded down.
  • * Treasury stock of 3,085 thousand shares are excluded from the above.
  • * The shareholding ratio is calculated excluding treasury stock. (Rounded to the nearest second decimal place)

Return to Shareholders

The Company's dividend policy is to pay dividends largely in line with its consolidated business performance each fiscal year, while targeting a dividend payout ratio of 30% of consolidated net income (excluding extraordinary income and loss). The Company plans to maintain an annual dividend of at least \100 per share, barring special circumstances, even when the dividend payout ratio exceeds 30%.
In addition, comprehensively taking funding requirements into account, we will adhere to a flexible stance on share buybacks with the aim of improving capital efficiency and maintaining a dynamic financial policy.


Record Date for Dividend Year-end dividend : March 31
Interim dividend : September 30

Historical Data of Dividend

Fiscal years Dividend per share
Interim Fiscal year-end
Fiscal 2023 50 yen (planned) 50 yen (planned)
Fiscal 2022 50 yen 50 yen
Fiscal 2021 50 yen 50 yen
Fiscal 2020 50 yen 60 yen
Fiscal 2019 50 yen 70 yen
Fiscal 2018 50 yen 60 yen

Meeting of Shareholders