Sustainability Policy

Basic Approach

The mission of the Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is "to contribute to society by creating and offering superior pharmaceuticals and health-related products as well as healthcare-related information and services in socially responsible ways that enrich people's lives by improving health and beauty." Guided by this mission, the Group aims to contribute to society through its business activities.
The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is also committed to activities for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to sharing the fruits of those efforts with stakeholders. The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is working as a team to enhance the sustainability of its business and the society it serves.

In promoting these activities, we will make efforts to disclose the initiatives we implement so that they can be accurately evaluated by stakeholders. We take such evaluations seriously and factor the feedback into our business activities that enable us to continue to improve them and contribute to society while enhancing our corporate value.

ESG Initiatives

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is implementing initiatives aimed at sustainability in order to achieve sustainable growth for society and improve corporate value over the medium to long term. We identify and examine issues in ESG fields, and formulate pertinent policies. On top of this, related divisions undertake efforts to resolve specific issues, thereby fulfilling the social responsibility demanded by stakeholders.

SDGs Initiatives

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals comprising 169 targets to be achieved by 2030 that were adopted by the 2015 UN Summit and seek resolution to problems confronting the world, such as poverty, the environment and social justice.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, our goal at Taisho Pharmaceutical is to ensure good health and fulfilling lives for consumers.
The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is committed to growing with its employees by solving consumers' problems with regard to their health. In pursuing this quest, the Company finds particularly strong affinity with four of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Goal 3, good health and well-being; Goal 8, decent work and economic growth; Goal 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure; and Goal 12, responsible consumption and production. The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is determined to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through its business activities.

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Stakeholder Engagement

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group continues to pursue sustainable growth in its business activities and recognizes the importance of fulfilling the following responsibilities expected by the various stakeholders.

For consumers The Company will strive to help realize healthier and more enriched lives based on the theme of health in various fields.
For business customers and suppliers The Company will establish and maintain fair and reasonable relationships.
For employees The Company will respect the human rights and dignity of each individual and endeavor to secure employment.
For shareholders and other investors The Company will disclose accurate information in a fair and timely manner.
For local communities The Company will remain actively engaged in the community as a corporate citizen while striving to protect the environment and build mutually beneficial relationships.

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group strives to strengthen communication with stakeholders through a variety of means in order to identify their expectations and requirements of the Group in recognition of the importance of dialogue for getting stakeholders to understand the initiatives we are undertaking.

Respect of Human Rights

We clarify in the Global Compliance Guideline our stance toward respect of human rights and individuality as well as elimination of improper behavior that could infringe an individual's dignity (harassment) or lead to discrimination, and make this known to all employees.

In addition to eliminating discrimination based on gender, nationality, race, religion, age, belief, physical disabilities or other such factor, we are committed to avoiding acts that cause discomfort to others even though discrimination may not be intended. We also strive to eliminate forced labor, child labor and other forms of slave-type treatment.