Community Initiatives

Outside Communication Activities

We strive to engage in bi-directional communication through disclosing environmental information and interacting with local communities.

At the Saitama City Environment Forum held on November 23, 2022, we set up a company booth and introduced our environmental initiatives and those of the Omiya Factory. Efforts were made to communicate with visitors through our environmental initiatives.

In addition, we carry out activities in close connection with the community, including cleanups in the areas around our offices.

Saitama City Environment Forum, November 23, 2022
Saitama City Environment Forum, November 23, 2022

Collaboration with industrial and Regional Organizations

We are promoting environmental activities in cooperation with the environment-related committees of the pharmaceutical associations and the material recycling associations.

Major Environmental Activities
Activities Details
Participation in industrial associations Participated in the operation of the Japan SelfMedication Industry's Environment Committee to cooperate in promoting environmental activities
Participation in recycling associations Participated in the Glass Bottle 3R Promotion Association to promote recycling

Organizations We Are Associated with

  • Japan Self-Medication Industry's Environment Committee
  • Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Association
  • Glass Bottle 3R Promotion Association
  • Saitama City Environment Conservation Liaison Council