Impact of Corporate Activities

About Environmental Load

The basic concept of our environmental activities is to reduce “inputs” and “outputs.” We are striving to increase the reduction rate by improving the facilities and operation methods for each material, water, and energy and effectively using disposed/emitted objects.

This includes designating “reduction of CO2 emissions” and “reduction of final landfill disposal amount” as priority initiatives, with emphasis placed on these two measures in our environmental activities.

Outline of Environmental Load
Outline of Environmental Load
* Only containers and packaging covered by Containers and Packaging Recycling Act

Important Initiatives

Reduction of CO2 emissions (global warming countermeasures)

We positioned the reduction of CO2 emissions as a key issue due to the global implications in terms of preventing global warming.

Reduction of final landfill disposal amount

This has been positioned as a key issue due to the domestic implications in Japan where final landfill sites are almost full.