Code of Conduct and Declaration of Corporate Conduct

In 2001, Taisho Pharmaceutical formulated its Code of Conduct as its standard of judgment when working to achieve its corporate mission and as basic guidelines for conduct at various workplaces to realize our corporate mission. In addition, we work to instill thorough understanding of the code by providing each employee with a copy of the Compliance Guide, which concretely explains each item in the code.

Since 2006, to enable more immediate and specific understanding of the code, we have been formulating a code of conduct for each division. Divisions are using their codes as guidelines in the context of actual situations, and these codes are reviewed as needed due to changes in the business environment and organization. In 2010, in light of changes in society, we formulated the Declaration of Corporate Conduct and announced it inside and outside the Group. In 2014, we distributed the Compliance Guide Booklet to further promote understanding and practical application of compliance in the workplace.

In 2018, we formulated our Global Compliance Guideline with the aim of establishing even stronger management foundations to ensure that we continue to achieve steady growth and development amid global competition. We strive to implement proper compliance in the course of daily activities while respecting cultural diversity.

Compliance with Laws and Social Standards in Each Country

We will comply with laws, ordinances, regulations, social standards, business practices and internal rules, and clarify our commitment to understand and respect the purpose and objectives underlying these principles in our Global Compliance Guideline, making these known to all employees.

Compliance with Social Standards and Commitment to Corruption Prevention

  • As a company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals that foster the wellbeing of people, we work earnestly to respect the sanctity of life and promote a commonsense view of pharmaceuticals.
  • We continuously collect information concerning the safety of our products in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in each country and appropriately report the findings to the pertinent authorities as required.
  • Particular care is taken to maintain a proper relationship with government officials and medical professionals. We never engage in dealings such as providing illegal payments to the public servants, foreign civil servants or other parties of any country.
  • We exercise constant vigilance to legal and social practices, never ignore unlawful or antisocial acts, always behave in a sensible manner, and reject the demands from antisocial influences or groups involved in activities that may threaten the order and safety of civil society.

Prevention of Bribery

We do not provide special preferences to certain customers and business partners or abuse our dominant bargaining position, and we comply with applicable laws and regulations and secure contracts and engage in business transactions in an appropriate manner. We prohibit any business transaction deemed to be collusion with a customer or business partner.

We do not provide money or entertainment that may lead to an improper relationship or an impression of bribery and prohibit activities such as providing conveniences or requesting a customer or business partner to provide money, entertainment or other conveniences by taking advantage of their own position or relationships. Such convictions are detailed in the Global Compliance Guideline and made known to employees in both Japan and overseas.

Respect of Human Rights

We clarify in the Global Compliance Guideline our stance toward respect of human rights and individuality as well as elimination of improper behavior that could infringe an individual’s dignity (harassment) or lead to discrimination, and make this known to all employees.

In addition to eliminating discrimination based on gender, nationality, race, religion, age, belief, physical disabilities or other such factor, we are committed to avoiding acts that cause discomfort to others even though discrimination may not be intended. We also strive to eliminate forced labor, child labor and other forms of slave-type treatment.

Compliance Framework

To ensure promotion of compliance activities, Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings has appointed one of its officers as a compliance officer and established the Compliance Management Section as a specialized unit.

All officers assist the compliance officer, and are responsible for compliance education in their respective divisions. General managers and group managers promote monitoring and education activities in their divisions and groups to ensure thorough compliance. Generally, two members of each division are in charge of compliance matters within their division. They assist the general manager in promulgating compliance and handle workplace monitoring and consultations with employees.

In addition, as our basic structure for carrying out compliance, we emphasize implementing process management using a Plan-Do-Check-Action management cycle to achieve our targets.

Moreover, we work to educate the employees of major subsidiaries, including those overseas, regarding compliance in daily activities with social standards (including laws, social norms and corporate ethics) our philosophy, Declaration of Corporate Conduct, Code of Conduct and internal rules.

In this manner, we create a Groupwide compliance mindset by broadly promoting compliance activities that are rooted in the workplace. We have also established a framework for quickly detecting compliance issues and discussing questions so that the entire Group can take a proactive approach to compliance.


Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings has established wide-ranging hotlines for reporting, consultation and fielding concerns regarding actions such as corporate or individual violations of laws, ethics or internal rules based on the Company’s Internal Reporting Regulations. These include the Compliance Management Section Hotline, the Harassment Hotline, an external hotline known as the External Attorney Hotline, and the Counselor Section Hotline. Hotlines have also been set up at overseas subsidiaries. In addition, a Minor Concern Corner has also been set up for worries that are not serious enough to warrant contacting a hotline. Each of these hotlines is widely available to Taisho Pharmaceutical Group employees as well as personnel including contract employees, part-time employees and temporary employees. Regardless of the situation, in accordance with the Company’s Internal Reporting Regulations, the privacy of hotline users is assured and related parties are obligated to maintain confidentiality.

Compliance Education

We hold study sessions for all employees every year so that they can deepen their understanding of compliance, be conscious of the need for compliance on their own and implement the required behavior. In fiscal 2019, we held a study session for around 3,000 employees from respective divisions as part of basic Companywide education in October. We also provided level-specific training for manager-level personnel and above to ensure that they properly recognize harassment and bullying in the workplace, with around 30 people taking part in fiscal 2019.

In addition to this training, we are distributing the Compliance Guide Booklet to all 2,500 or so employees of Taisho Pharmaceutical to further promote understanding and practical application of compliance in the workplace. We also produce the TAISHO WAY and Global Compliance Guideline in all local languages of our overseas operating companies to enable a common awareness of compliance worldwide. We have distributed copies to roughly 5,000 employees to date and plan to steadily provide them to subsidiaries consolidated in 2019.

Required Considerations in Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Research involving human-derived samples is conducted only upon the fair and impartial deliberations of the Ethics Committee in accordance with internal regulations*1. These internal regulations were formulated after ample consideration of such issues as respect for human rights, commitment to safety, the protection of personal information and bioethics, pursuant to the Declaration of Helsinki and other guidelines.

We handle all compounds, radioisotopes, genetically modified organisms and infectious agents/pathogens with extreme care in order to protect the environment, safeguard biodiversity, and support people’s life and health based on internal regulations*2 that stipulate appropriate storage and management methods, pursuant to laws, regulations and other guidelines.

When conducting animal testing, plans are screened by the Animal Testing Committee in accordance with our internal regulations*3, which were formulated based on the animal welfare concepts of the three Rs*4 and meet the provisions of the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals and other regulations.

We have acquired certification of our animal facilities through the Japan Health Sciences Foundation and our pathogen and gene research facilities undergo inspections by the Certified NPO Biomedical Science Association to ensure appropriate operations.

  • *1. Ethical regulations regarding the use of human samples and information
  • *2. Safety management regulations for legally mandated substances, radiation injury prevention rules, genetic modification testing safety management rules, and safety management regulations for pathogens
  • *3. Refers to replacement (the use of alternatives to animal testing), reduction (reduction of the number of animals used) and refinement (reduction of pain inflicted)
  • *4. Regulations regarding animal testing