Methods and Data

Scope of Environmental Management

All domestic offices of Taisho Pharmaceutical (such as Head Office, the branch, five logistics centers, three factories, and the Research Center) and the Group companies of Taisho Pharma Co., Ltd., MEJIRO KOSAN Co., Ltd. and Taisho Pharmaceutical Logistics Co., Ltd. are within the scope of environmental management.

Coefficients Used to Calculate Environmental Data

Coefficients used to calculate the CO2 emission volume

Unless otherwise noted, emission coefficients for CO2 and energy are taken from the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures (List of calculation methods and emission coefficients in calculations, reports and publication system)

Electricity: Emission coefficients after adjustment for each electricity utility operator as specified by the Ministry of the Environment’s paper on “Emission factor by electric utility operator (for calculating carbon dioxide equivalents for greenhouse gas emissions from specified emitters)”
Bunker A: 2.710 t-CO2/kL; Light oil: 2.585 t-CO2/kL; Propane gas: 2.999 t-CO2/t; City gas: 2.244 t-CO2/1,000 m3; Gasoline 2.322 t-CO2/kL;
Non-industrial steam: 0.057 t-CO2/GJ

Conversion coefficients used to calculate CO2 and NOx emission volumes from gasoline and light oil usage

Volume of CO2 emissions (tons)

Gasoline: 2.322 kgCO2/L; Light oil: 2.585 kgCO2/L
(According to the Guidelines for Calculating CO2 Emissions Caused by Energy in the Global Warming Countermeasures Planning System and Targeted Emission Volume Transaction System (Revised in June 2022 ) based on the Regulation on Saitama Prefecture Global Warming Strategy Promotion Ordinance)

NOx Emissions

Gasoline: 8.2 kg/kL; Light oil: 18.3 kg/kL
(According to the Environmental Activity Evaluation Program (Eco-Action 21), March 2001)