Environmental Management

Operational Status of ISO 14001

Taisho Pharmaceutical integrated the environmental management systems certified for each factory into the Production Headquarters and has been operating an integrated system since fiscal 2010. In the periodic audit performed in fiscal 2018, one item for observation was found.

In addition, in the internal environmental audit, rather than a simple system audit we conduct a performance audit, in which we audit system performance, as well as an environmental risk audit. We also strive to improve the skill level of the auditors.

Implementation Status of ISO 14001 Audit

Office Certification integration date Audit date Findings
Minor nonconformance Item for observation
Production Headquarters January 2011 November 2018 0 1

Environmental Risk Management

Since fiscal 2008, we have prepared an appropriate framework and procedures for a critical event related to the environment and have established the following guidelines to build a Groupwide crisis management framework.

  • Guidelines for Environmental Pollution Special Crisis Response
  • Chronological Action Plan for Environmental Pollution Special Crisis

The Production Headquarters uses the ISO 14001 system to establish a framework against environmental risks.

Emergency Event Response Training

We provided emergency event response training, which assumes an explosion or fire caused by a chemical leakage or ignition, to teach response methods, identify problems and improve countermeasures. The Production Headquarters also provides training every year that assumes an emergency in a dark place where fewer workers are present, such as at nighttime and on days off.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is working to comply with environmental laws, ordinances and regulations based on an environmental management system. In fiscal 2018, there were no violations of environmental laws, ordinances or regulations, as well as no administrative sanctions, lawsuits or fines.

Environmental Training and Awareness

Group Training

The Production Headquarters provides environmental training to all workers at each factory according to the ISO 14001 system.

Given the large number of cases concerning illegal disposal of novelty goods reported these days, the sales and back-office departments explain the risks regarding the disposal of novelty goods and compliance with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act at sales meetings to improve medical device sales representatives’ awareness of compliance with laws.

We have also been continuously providing environmental training at Head Office and branch offices. During fiscal 2018, training on the environment was held in November at the Nakanihon Branch’s Kanazawa Office in Kanazawa City. This fiscal year, training concerned efforts to reduce energy usage and the necessity of preventing global warming. We will continue providing training on the environment going forward while striving to raise employee awareness of the environment and legal compliance.

A lecture on preventing global warming
A lecture on preventing global warming

Environment Month

We set February as Environment Month in fiscal 2002 and included July from fiscal 2009 as dedicated periods to perform various environmental activities.

In Environment Month in winter (February) in fiscal 2018, we once again carried out the “Are You Eco People?”* test on the intranet as a Groupwide initiative. We also prepared questions similar to this test and had employees answer them. An analysis of the findings showed that knowledge about the environment among Group employees was almost the same as that of the examinees of the Eco Test.

In Environment Month in summer (July), the Production Headquarters performed an initiative that required the workers at each workplace to consider and perform unique environmental activities to improve their independence regarding environmental activities. One example was an environmental campaign at a workplace where employees unified to improve environmental awareness through internal and home activities that encourage environmental activities, eco commuting and thorough cleaning activities around factories.

* “Eco People” is the name for the people who have passed the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test). The Eco Test was created to develop people who think about society and the environment or promoting a sustainable society, and is conducted twice a year by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Environment Month Initiatives Conducted in Fiscal 2018

  • Environmental quiz
  • Week of car-free commuting (twice a year)
  • Lights-Down Campaign (on the day of the summer solstice and on Cool Earth Day)
  • “Are You Eco People?” test
  • Unique environmental activities at each workplace

Green Purchasing

Internet Purchasing System

In fiscal 2005, we introduced an Internet purchasing system for consumables. The purchase catalog gives priority to environmentally friendly products to help promote green purchasing.

Green Purchasing of Automobiles

Taisho Pharmaceutical and Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. use 680 cars for their business activities (as of March 31, 2019). We have progressively switched to low-emission cars, and in fiscal 2011, all cars used for business activities achieved a reduction of 75% or more in exhaust gas compared with the 2005 certification standard.

Since fiscal 2008, we have introduced several hybrid cars, and since fiscal 2013, we have altered our main 1,500 cc car to a 1,200 cc version with lower displacement to improve fuel consumption.

In the future, we will further reduce environmental load by conducting eco-driving and other initiatives.

Percentage of Green Purchasing of Corporate Cars (As of March 31, 2019)

  Number of cars Percentage
Total number of cars 680  
Exhaust gas certification standard in 2005 680 100%
Reduced by 75% (New ☆☆☆☆) Hybrid 4
Reduced by 75% (New ☆☆☆☆) 676
Reduced by 50% (New ☆☆☆) 0
Others 0 0%