Environmental Management

Operational Status of ISO 14001

Taisho Pharmaceutical integrated the environmental management systems certified for each factory into the Production Headquarters and has been operating an integrated system since fiscal 2010. In the renewal audit performed in 2021, there were no cases of either major or minor nonconformance observed, but remarks were made for one case.

In the internal environmental audit, we confirm compliance with laws and regulations, environmental targets and activity progress based on a list of laws and regulations. We also examine opportunities for improvement from the standpoint of possible inefficiency, excessive workload, and waste.

Implementation Status of ISO 14001 Audit

Office Certification integration date Audit date Findings
Minor nonconformance Item for observation
Production Headquarters January 2011 December 2021 0 1

Environmental Risk Management

Since fiscal 2008, we have prepared an appropriate framework and procedures for a critical event related to the environment and have established the following guidelines to build a Groupwide crisis management framework.

  • Guidelines for Environmental Pollution Special Crisis Response
  • Chronological Action Plan for Environmental Pollution Special Crisis

The Production Department uses an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 to establish a framework against environmental risks.

Emergency Event Response Training

We provided emergency event response training, which assumes an explosion or fire caused by a chemical leakage or ignition, to teach response methods, identify problems and improve countermeasures. The Production Department also provides training every year that assumes an emergency in a dark place where fewer workers are present, such as at nighttime and on days off.

Environmental Management

The Production Department has produced a list of laws and regulations, using an environmental management system based on ISO 14001, confirming compliance with laws, regulations and ordinances and striving for appropriate management.

Environmental Training and Awareness

Group Training

It is important that all employees recognize the impact of their work activities on the environment and actively strive to reduce the environmental load. At Taisho Pharmaceutical, we conduct employee education to raise environmental awareness. This includes such topics as effective use of energy and limiting the amount of waste generated in business activities.

In April 2022, we conducted an educational program on “waste sorting ” at the workplace level for all employees. Sorting waste involves reusing what can be effectively utilized as a resource, which, as a result, reduces waste and the CO2 emitted when waste is collected and incinerated, thereby helping to counter global warming.

In addition, the Production Department provides environmental education to all employees in each of its departments in accordance with the ISO 14001 framework. This includes making employees aware of waste generation targets and achievements at each office and promoting corresponding initiatives.

We work to raise the environmental wareness of employees by promoting environmental education related to greenhouse gases and waste generated by business activities.

A lecture on environment education
A lecture on environment education

Environment Month

During Environment Month in FY2021, we followed on from FY2020 and held a quiz about the meaning of the logo proclaiming products or services to be considerate of the environment as displayed on many products and services with the objective of making environmental initiatives more familiar.

In addition, the Production Department communicated methods to effectively save energy and electricity by demonstrating specific examples.

Environment Month Initiatives Conducted in fiscal 2021

  • Communicating information about saving energy
  • Environment quiz

Green Purchasing

Internet Purchasing System

In fiscal 2005, we introduced an Internet purchasing system for consumables. The purchase catalog gives priority to environmentally friendly products to help promote green purchasing.