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July 5, 2005

Launch of "Pabron" and "Taisho Kampo" in Thailand


Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Taisho; President: Akira Uehara) launched "PABRON COLD," which is an OTC drug for the common cold, and "TAISHO KAMPO," which is a gastrointestinal drug, in July in Thailand.

Both products were developed for the Thai market and are based on products that are marketed in Japan. PABRON COLD is an extract of pueraria root formula (ge gen tang [kakkon-to]) and is effective against the early symptoms of common cold. It is a drink product and it is easy to take. TAISHO KAMPO is the first gastrointestinal drug in Thailand to consist of 100% herbal ingredients. The "Inner Calmness" formula (an zhong san [anchu-san]) improves decreased gastrointestinal function and regulates the acidity of gastric juices. The peony and licorice formula (shao yao gan cao tang [shakuyaku-kanzoh-to]) eases tense gastrointestinal muscles.

In addition to PABRON COLD, several other Pabron products will be released in the future. The aim is for the Pabron series of products to have the largest share of the common cold medicines market in three years. In the meantime, the challenge for Taisho is the release of TAISHO KAMPO into a new area, the gastrointestinal drug market in Thailand, where the burden on the gastrointestinal organs is increasing due to the stresses of modern lifestyles.

At present, Taisho is marketing "Lipovitan," a nutrient drink product, primarily in Asia, as energy drinks tailored to local needs and customs in 18 countries. Taisho continues to provide products that match regional needs around the world by actively utilizing the expertise obtained in the OTC drugs market in Japan.

Product specification for "PABRON COLD"
Product name in Thailand PABRON COLD
Ingredient Pueraria root formula (ge gen tang [kakkon-to])
Indication Various early symptoms of common cold
Dosage Three bottles per day.
Suggested retail price 120 baht (three 30mL bottles) (40 baht per bottle)

Product specification for "TAISHO KAMPO"

Product name in Thailand TAISHO KAMPO
Ingredients Inner Calmness formula (an zhong san [anchu-san]), and peony and licorice formula (shao yao gan cao tang [shakuyaku-kanzoh-to])
Indications Stomach discomfort, bloating sensation in the abdomen, loss of appetite
Dosage Take four tablets three times a day.
Suggested retail price 34 baht for 12 tablets
13 baht for  4 tablets