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November 25, 2004

Release of "Colac II," a New Product in the Colac Series

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will release a new laxative, Colac II on November 26. It softens hardened stools due to constipation and improves bowel movement.

Colac II contains an emollient laxative, dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DSS), which improves bowel movement by providing moisture to a hard stool and softening it to an adequate level. It also contains a stimulant laxative, bisacodyl, which directly stimulates the large intestine and promotes peristalsis, and as such is very effective against constipation. 

The dose can be adjusted in accordance with the level of bowel movement. People who have not previously used Colac should begin by taking one pill only. Colac is a small pink pill, which is easy to take.
Laxatives need to exert their effects in the intestine. The active ingredients in Colac II, bisacodyl and DSS, are covered with five layers of coating, thus preventing them being released in the stomach and ensuring that they are released into the intestine. 

Up to now, we have launched five products in the Colac series for the treatment of constipation and conditions arising from constipation. The release of Colac II as a new product in the Colac series is a response to the needs of consumers, and we continue to respond to ever-diversifying consumer needs. 

Product features
- DSS provides moisture to a hard stool and softens it to an adequate level
- The pink pill is 6 mm in diameter and is easy to take
- The dose can be adjusted in accordance with the level of bowel movement
- Five layers of coating ensure that the active ingredients are released into the intestine

Product specification

Product name Colac II
Suggested retail price
 40 tablets:   ¥682   (¥650 product + ¥32 tax)
120 tablets: ¥1,785 (¥1,700 product + ¥85 tax)
200 tablets: ¥2,730 (¥2,600 product + ¥130 tax)
Three pills contain:
Bisacodyl 15 mg
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DSS) 24 mg
Indicatons Constipation Alleviates the following conditions arising from constipation: Heavy head, hot flashes, rough and dry skin, rashes, anorexia (loss of appetite), flatulence, abnormal intestinal ferment and hemorrhoids.
Dosage Take the following quantities before going to bed (or on an empty stomach). 
Take only the minimum quantity on the first occasion, and increase or decrease the dose in accordance with the level of bowel movement. 
Age Adults 
(15 years or older)
Less than 15 years
Single dose 1−3 tablets Do not use.
Frequency Once a day
Date of sale November 26, 2004
Expected sales ¥150 million (one year from date of sale)