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December 25, 2003

"Lipovitan D Museum" Homepage Opened

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President : Akira Uehara) opened "Lipovitan D Museum" on December 25, an online resource for information on "Lipovitan D".

"Lipovitan D" celebrated its 40th anniversary since launch in 2002, having become over the years a product enjoyed by many people. In order to help consumers gain a greater appreciation for "Lipovitan D", the "Lipovitan D Museum" details the history and quality management of the product, as well as provides information on frequently asked questions concerning nutrient drinks.

Approximately 2,000 people visit the Lipovitan D factories in Okayama and Hanyu (Saitama) annually. The opinions and questions received from these visitors form the basis of the "Lipovitan D Museum", which includes a virtual factory tour where visitors to the site can experience the manufacturing process, from basic ingredients to finished product.

Features of the "Lipovitan D Museum"
- Lipovitan D virtual factory tour
A combination of animation and photographs reveal how quality is maintained during the manufacturing process of "Lipovitan D".
- The history of Lipovitan D
A variety of documents and archived images help present the history of "Lipovitan D", from its launch in 1962 to the present.
- Lipovitan around the world
A look at the "Lipovitan" products being sold throughout the world.
- Lipovitan D quiz and fun facts
Visitors can challenge themselves with a quiz on "Lipovitan D", where a perfect score enables them to download a unique program for their desktop.
- The series of Lipovitan
An introduction to tonics, mini drinks and other products in the Lipovitan series.
- Nutrient drink FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding nutrient drinks, such as effect, efficacy and dosage.