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October 21, 2003

"ZENA F0-I": Newly Launched Quasi-drug Mini-drink

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announces the launch of "ZENA F0-I" (50 mL, ¥500) on October 21, a quasi-drug and tonic mini-drink containing mainly nutrient herbal medicines.

"ZENA F0-I" is a quasi-drug and tonic mini-drink incorporating seven types of herbal medicines (equivalent to 1,920 mg of base herbal medicines) including cistanche, peony, ginseng, and glycyrrhiza, and five ingredients typically found in western-style supplements, including taurine and vitamins. This product is an effective nutritional supplement during and after periods of illness, such as colds.

For most people, physical condition tends to deteriorate from autumn to winter. Particularly in December, mini-drinks containing herbal medicines are often consumed as nutritional supplements when people come down with colds. Demand for such products hits an annual peak around this time. Targeting this period of high demand, Taisho has launched "ZENA F0-I", a strengthened quasi-drug and mini-drink.

Due to efforts by the company to expand its market and acquire first-time users, the number of young people and women buying and using these products is on the rise.

Product features
- Contains a total of seven herbal medicines with nourishing and energizing properties (equivalent to 1,920 mg of base herbal medicines).
- Contains taurine and vitamin B2 and B6.
- Features an easy-to drink flavor; bitter taste characteristics of herbal medicines are masked.

Product specification
Product name ZENA F0-I
Suggested retail price ¥500 (plus tax)
Ingredients (per 50 mL bottle)
Cistanche extract
(equivalent to 250 mg of cistanche)
Peony root extract
(equivalent to 120 mg of peony)
Ginseng extract M
(equivalent to 600 mg of ginseng)
Glycyrrhiza extract
(equivalent to 200 mg of glycyrrhiza)
Muirapuama extract-A
(equivalent to 300 mg of muirapuama)
Cinnamon bark fluid extract
(equivalent to 150 mg of cinnamon bark)
Ginger fluid extract
(equivalent to 300 mg of ginger)
Taurine(aminoethylsulfonic acid) 500mg
Vitamin B2 phosphate 5mg
Vitamin B6 5mg
Nicotinic acid amide 20mg
Anhydrous caffeine 50mg
Indications For use as a nutritional supplement during periods of low energy or during and after illness, or to relieve tiredness after physical exertion; or when fighting fevers, anorexia,or nutritional disorders. Also for women who are pregnant or nursing.
Dosage Adults (over 15 years): One bottle (50 mL) daily
*Those aged less than 15 years should not take this product.
Date of sale October 21, 2003
Expected sales ¥1 billion(one year from date of sale)