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May 12, 2003

The First Toothpaste in Japan Containing Stable Vitamin C DENTWELL [Medicated] VC to Be Released Nationwide

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will release a medicated toothpaste, DENTWELL [Medicated] VC, which contains stable vitamin C, on May 20, and will enter the oral care market in earnest.

The Japanese Society of Periodontology recently announced in its academic conference that vitamin C is good for the gums. However, it was impossible to mix vitamin C into toothpaste, as vitamin C is freely soluble in water. Our unique technology for enveloping vitamin C, which is easily destroyed, in a special base, has produced DENTWELL [Medicated] VC, the first medicated toothpaste in Japan containing stable vitamin C. The patent for this technology is pending.

Vitamin C, an ingredient of DENTWELL [Medicated] VC, acts on the collagen fibers in the gums to prevent periodontal disease. Further, the bactericide (cetylpyridinium chloride), an anti-inflammatory drug (b-glycyrrhetic acid), and vitamin E it contains combine to prevent periodontal disease, and fluorine aids in the prevention of tooth decay.

Collagen fibers, an important component of the gums, bind the teeth, gums, and alveolar bone. If one has periodontal disease, the collagen fibers will be destroyed and the gums will become weak and swollen, and will bleed. Vitamin C, which facilitates the restoration of destroyed collagen fibers through its effect of aiding in collagen synthesis, will prevent periodontal disease and keep the gums healthy.

Many women in their thirties and forties are concerned about being beautiful and healthy when they get older. Our research has shown that many people wish to maintain pink, healthy-looking gums into old age or to help repair gums that have become weak. DENTWELL [Medicated] VC is a medicated toothpaste designed for the personal oral care of such people.

Product specification
Product name DENTWELL [Medicated] VC
Suggested retail price 70g:¥800 40g:¥480
Ingredients Sodium ascorbate (vitamin C), zeolite, sodium monofluorophosphate, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), and β-glycyrrhetic acid (β-GR)
Indications Prevention of periodontitis (alveolar pyorrhea), prevention of gingivitis, prevention of the occurrence and progress of tooth decay, prevention of bad breath, tooth whitening, prevention of the formation of dental calculi, cleaning of the mouth, and refreshing of the mouth
Directions for use Place an appropriate amount (approximately 1 cm) on the toothbrush. Clean the teeth and mouth, and massage the gums.
Date of sale May 20,2003
Expected sales One billion yen (total shipped amount up to March)