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March 12, 2003

Announcing the Launch of "Dermarin Cool Powder"
Athlete’s Foot Treatment for Women

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will launch "Dermarin Cool Powder", an athlete’s foot treatment aimed at women users, on March 14.

A survey of women users of athlete’s foot treatments reveals that the characteristics that women require of an athlete’s foot treatment are effective action, together with a sense of hygiene and a fresh feel in use.

The active ingredients of "Dermarin Cool Powder" include miconazole nitrate, a compound with an outstanding antifungal action and a strong track record established under the "Dermarin" brand, decalinium chloride, an antibacterial agent that keeps the affected area clean, and lidocaine, which prevents itching. The product is supplied in powder spray format which means that it can be applied without touching the affected area directly, making for a sense of hygiene, and gives a pleasantly dry feel. The package, a pearl white and pink can, has also been designed with women users in mind.

Since 1988, when the athlete’s foot treatment "Dermarin", the first athlete’s foot treatment to incorporate the prescription drug miconazole nitrate for use in an OTC drug, Taisho has expanded the "Dermarin" series by through the developing of new product formats, such as sprays, and modifying initial prescriptions. The launch of "Dermarin Cool Powder" is part of Taisho’s ongoing response to ever-diversifying users' needs.

Product features
- Contains miconazole nitrate, for outstanding antifungal action.
- Spray format allows application without touching the affected area, for a sense of hygiene.
- Powder-type spray formulated for a pleasant dry feel.
- Package design appeals to women users.

Product specification
Product name Dermarin Cool Powder
Suggested retail price 60g ¥1,800
Ingredients (in every 60g)
miconazole nitrate 90 mg
decalinium chloride 9 mg
alantoin 90 mg
lidocaine 180 mg
Indications Athlete's foot, crotch rot, tinea corporis
Dosage Apply as required to the affected area, once or twice a day.
Date of sale March 14, 2003
Expected sales ¥500 million (in 12months from launch)