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October 28, 2002

Taisho Launches Taisho Ichou Oral Solution
- A gastrointestinal drink (quasi-drug), a combination with stomachic nature remedies and carnitine chloride for queasiness from excessive drinking and hangover-

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announces the November 4 launch of a "Taisho Ichou Oral Solution" (50 mL 350 yen), a gastrointestinal drink with refreshing crisp taste.

"Taisho Ichou Oral Solution" is combined with "carnitine chloride" which activates stomach functions additionally with "stomach nature remedies" which help gastrointestinal actions. It is a drink-type quasi-drug for epigastric discomfort, retching and queasiness from excessive eating or excessive drinking. This is our first sale of a gastrointestinal drink (quasi-drug) and will reinforce the line-up of goods directed to food related channels of convenience stores and the like following Lipovitan D, ALFE-Mini, etc.

According to the research of our company, the gastrointestinal drink market of quasi drugs shows the increasing rate of 170% compared to the last year. It suggests that convenience of consumers purchasing in convenience stores and the like is supported. In addition, tendency of purchasing gastrointestinal drinks will reach its peak in December and January, the market being about one and half times as big as that in ordinary months, coming to the stage from now.

The line-up of gastrointestinal drugs in our company includes a Chinese herbal gastrointestinal drug group including "Taisho Kampo Ichoyaku" put on the market in 1978 followed by "Taisho Chuyaku Ichoyaku" which is a Chinese herbal prescription, and a drink-type "Taisho Kampo Ichoyaku<Oral Solution>", "Avalon Z" with a H2 blocker, "Avalon S" with a restoring agent of gastric mucosa, all being on the market.

Product features

(1) Drink type with an immediate effect feeling.
(2) A refreshing crisp taste.
(3) Intended to improve stomach functions using stomachic nature remedies + carnitine chloride.

Product specification

Product Name Taisho Icho Oral Solution (quasi-drug)
Suggested Retail Price 350 yen/bottle (50 mL)
Ingredients In a bottle (50 mL),
Carnitine chloride 150 mg
Ginger fluid extract 0.5 mL
(equivalent to 500 mg of ginger)  
Ginseng dry extract B 23.5 mg
(equivalent to 329 mg of ginseng)  
Cinnamon oil 4 mg
Hop fluid extract 0.1 mL
Indicatios Epigastric distress and vomiturition (queasiness, gastric queasiness, queasiness by hangover/bad drunkenness, vomiting, and nausea) by excessive eating (overeating) or excessive drinking (overdrinking).
Dosage Take one bottle (50 mL)/dose for an adult (15 years old and older) twice a day after or between meals. In addition, take at intervals of 4 hours or longer.
Date of Sale November 4, 2002.
Expected sales 300 million yen