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September 30, 2002

Taisho Launched RiUP 120mL,
a minoxidil hair loss remedy in a large-size bottle
- Cumulative RiUP sales top 20 million -

Riup 120mL bottle

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announces the October 1 launch of a large-size bottle (120mL) of RiUP, the hair loss remedy for premature hair loss, selling for 9,500 yen. Existing RiUP product (60mL bottle) is priced at 5,500yen.

A survey of 114 continuous users of RiUP (60mL) (one month’s supply) showed that about 80% would like to see a large-size bottle.
It takes time for hair to grow and we want customers to use RiUP for at least six months, by which time they will see the results for themselves.
With the launch of a large-size bottle (two months’ supply) of RiUP for continuous users, we will be able to make the treatment financially and psychologically easier for users, allowing them to experience the benefits of long-term continuous use.

RiUP is a pharmaceutical hair loss remedy based on the active ingredient minoxidil, which was developed by the US pharmaceutical company, Pharmacia & Upjohn. In Japan, we began marketing RiUP in June 1999. By July 2002 (three years and one month) cumulative sales had reached 20 million bottles and we have received many favorable comments from satisfied users. We are the first manufacturer in the world to market a minoxidil preparation in a large-size bottle.

The minoxidil preparation RiUP is the first pharmaceutical in Japan to be sold as a direct OTC drug without being sold as a prescription drug. Because RiUP is sold as an OTC drug we are committed to providing information not only to pharmacies but also to the general customers. We have put a number of systems in place to ensure that members of the general public are able to use RiUP more effectively and more safely, including the "Self Check Sheet" for self-diagnosis of premature alopecia and "Customer RiUP Instructions for Use."

Product Specification
Product Name RiUP
Packaging 120mL
Suggested retail price 9,500 yen
Active ingredient 1.0g minoxidil in 100mL
Indications Hair loss in premature alopecia, hair restoration and the prevention of hair loss
Dosage 1mL applied twice daily to the scalp of adult males (over 20 years-old).
Date of release October 1,2002
Expected sales 5 billion yen
Sales Targets Pharmacies and some drugstores nationwide