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February 21, 2001

Taisho Launches Iris Neo Eyedrops
For Focus Control

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. plans to begin marketing its new eyedrops, Iris Neo, on February 22. The drops provide relief from muscle strain due to long hours in front of the computer. Iris Neo Cool provides a refreshing, cool sensation, while Iris Neo Soft is mild and soothing. Both types come in 14ml dispensers, priced at 880 yen.

Because so many people use computers both at work and at home, the ciliary muscle that controls the eye's ability to focus is overworked, thus leading to frequent eyestrain. Iris Neo contains the maximum amount of neostigmine methylsulfate, which relieves the muscle, in addition to vitamin E and B6.

A Taisho marketing survey has identified two market segments for eyedrops users, and Taisho has therefore developed two types of Iris Neo - either cool or mild - to provide options. Each package is clearly labeled and includes instructions for use.

Product Features
(1) Includes the maximum amount of neostigmine methylsulfate, the focus control remedy, which acts directly on the ciliary muscle.
(2) Includes the maximum amount of vitamins and amino acid, which helps stimulate the eye's metabolism.
(3) Two types - cool or soothing - are available.
(4) New package design makes it easier for purchasers to read about features and instructions for use.

Product Overview
Product name Iris Neo Cool, Iris Neo Soft
Retail price 14ml for 880 yen (excluding tax)
Active ingredients neostigmine methylsulfate: 0.005%
d- alpha - tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin E): 0.05%
pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6): 0.1%
amino-ethyl sulfonic acid (taurine): 1.0%
L-aspartic acid potassium: 1.0%
Application For eyestrain, blurred vision (caused by excessive eye mucus, etc.), prevention of eye ailments (after swimming or due to dust or sweat), discomfort due to hard contact lenses
Date of release February 22, 2001
Expected sales 1.5 billion yen in the first year (shipment basis) for both types combined