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We strive to develop attractive products and provide detailed information to answer the diverse range of needs of consumers.

Consumers desire drugs that “can be used with a sense of safety,” “that are highly effective,” and “that are highly convenient.” Our R&D activities in the self-medication business are conducted from these perspectives. “Safety” and “effects” are driven by Rx-to-OTC switch drugs. In terms of “convenience” we have developed products corresponding to ease-of-use by consumers such as bottled eye drops free of preservatives by employing special containers and fast-acting constipation suppositories.

Main Products

Main Products

Taisho Pharmaceutical is currently engaged in an expansive range of product fields. Those product fields span not only the Company’s current core products such as the Lipovitan and other series of energy drinks, the Pabron series of cold remedies and the RiUP series of hair regrowth treatments, but also switch-OTC drugs in the lifestyle diseases field and beverages and cosmetics. Looking ahead, we will strive to expand our lineup in fields where needs are increasing further and growth is expected.


“Pabron S Gold W” was launched.

Since its launch in 1955, Pabron has evolved as a cough suppressant designed to improve the functioning of the respiratory tract mucosal barrier, which is the body’s first line of defense against the invasion of viruses that cause common colds. Pabron S Gold W provides relief from cold symptoms through a dual-acting Clear & Repair* treatment containing ambroxol hydrochloride, a clearing ingredient for the strained throat mucosal membrane, and L-Carbocisteine, a repairing agent for the throat mucosal membrane. Pabron S Gold W offers a new dosage of two tablets at a time for those aged 15 and older, and the medication can be taken from age 8.

* Clear & Repair is a trademark of Taisho Pharmaceutical.

“RiUP X5 Plus Lotion,” a minoxidil 5% product was launched.

RiUP X5 Plus Lotion is a hair regrowth treatment containing a 5% concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil, and fortified with three support ingredients that act to mitigate deterioration in the scalp environment caused by excessive sebum production on the scalp, a condition specific to men. Taisho Pharmaceutical first launched the RiUP hair regrowth treatment for men in 1999, as Japan’s first direct OTC drug, with the indications of hair loss in premature alopecia, hair restoration and the prevention of hair loss. Looking ahead, we will continue to redouble our efforts to help alleviate the concerns of men about the thinning of their hair, and thereby enable them to lead more confident lifestyles.

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