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December 6, 2000

Taisho Completes Website Revision

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has completed a full-fledged renewal of its Internet website. The newly revised site ( became available at the beginning of December 2000.

Taisho first established its website in March 1998. Since that time, we have used the Internet to actively provide information about pharmaceuticals and health matters to consumers, investors and students. We have also concentrated on enhancing the contents of our site. Less than three years after we first established our website, we have renewed the entire site, substantially increasing the content to provide the maximum amount of information to consumers.

The new site contains consumer product information covering all of Taisho's OTC medicines. This information can be retrieved through various approaches, from the name of the body part that the medicine targets to the composition of the medicine.
Furthermore, the site contains a page offering answers to frequently asked questions concerning OTC medicines. This Q&A page introduces such information as efforts that have been made to protect against tampering with product packaging.

In response to the increasing number of hits from non-Japanese Internet users in recent years, we have expanded the English portion of our website. To keep readers up to date with recent developments at Taisho, the English site contains 186 pages, including our corporate profile, financial results and translations of all press releases for the past year.

Features of renewed website
(1) Search page to retrieve information on Taisho's OTC medicines using different parameters
(2) Q&A page containing information about medicines' composition, uses and dosage.
(3) English-language corporate profile, financial results and news releases