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September 26, 2000

Product Release: Lipovitan Royal, Quasi-drugs Drink

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announces the release of the new Lipovitan Royal, a quasi-drug drink (50ml, 300 yen) that will be available in convenience stores and supermarkets beginning in October.

The main ingredient in Lipovitan Royal is taurine (1500mg, the highest standard dosage from a quasi-drug), and it is the first quasi-drug drink to contain lycium (200mg), an herbal medicine rich in nutrients. This product contains a total of nine ingredients, and we strongly recommend it to revive those who feel tired and worn down.

Since the expansion of distribution channels under last year's pharmaceutical deregulation, we have been engaged in a number of activities to attract new users and expand the market for our nutritional drinks.

During the generally hectic period from October to December, consumption of nutritional drinks increases as people try to keep illness and exhaustion at bay. We are releasing Lipovitan Royal in tandem with this high-demand period to attract entry users and to give our new consumer segments a wider selection. Lipovitan Royal offers incomparable value for money.

Product Features
(1) Highest quasi-drug standard dosage of taurine (1500mg)
(2) First tonic and nutrient drink to offer the superior nutrients of lycium (200mg)
(3) High effectiveness from a total of nine active ingredients
(4) Pleasant cherry brandy taste masks the bitterness of herbal ingredients.

Product Overview
Product Name Lipovitan Royal
Contents and Price 50ml, 300 yen (excluding tax)
Composition (in one 50-ml bottle)
Lycium fluid extract-A : 0.2ml (equivalent to 200mg)
Royal jelly : 200mg
Taurine: 1500mg
Vitamin B1 nitrate : 10mg
Vitamin B2 phosphate : 5mg
Vitamin B6 : 5mg
Aniacinamidosis : 30mg
Inositol : 100mg
Anhydrous caffeine : 50mg
Benzoic acid and scents are added.
Uses *For use as a nutritional supplement: when tired or sick; for anorexia and other nutritional ailments; for fevers and exhaustion; and for women who are pregnant or nursing
*For use by those with weak constitutions
*For use as a "pick-me-up"
Dosage Adults (15 years and older) one bottle (50ml) daily
Sales Goal for
the First Year
2 billion yen (on shipment basis)