Sports Sponsorship

Taisho Pharmaceutical is an enthusiastic supporter of sports culture. We believe that the pursuit of sports leads to the cultivation of a sound mind in a sound body.
At Taisho Pharmaceutical, our conviction is that committing Company earnings to furnishing a forward-looking environment for consumers to enjoy is an ideal state of affairs for a pharmaceutical company. We are passionate about supporting the development of sports culture over the medium-to-long term.

Rugby Football

20 years with the Japan National Rugby team

Rugby is said to be a gentleman's sport that values fair play. The team members are polite, respect each other, and do their best. At the end of the match, regardless of whether they win or lose, they praise each other by saying "no side (no friend or foe)." Rugby has a spirits of fair play, and the sport's concept of a "Shinsho" coincide with that of our company. We have been supporting the Japan National Rugby team as an official sponsor since 2001 because Lipovitan D has the same idea to "support those who work hard to pursue their dreams."

The test match "Lipovitan D Challenge Cup" was held for the Japan National Rugby team with overseas teams from 2002. We are still the main sponsor and continue to support it. From 2020, as a top partner of the Japan National Rugby team, we are still supporting the further development of Japan Rugby, even 20 years since we started the sponsorship.

Top partner of the Japan National Rugby team

Japan National Rugby Football Union team ©JRFU, 2022

Further Development of Rugby

We also served as official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2019TM Japan tournament, which marked the first time the competition was staged in Japan. The Japan National team's unexpected run to victory excited all of Japan, and it became an opportunity for many people to feel the fun and splendor of rugby.

We were appointed as an official supplier of the Rugby World Cup 2023TM France tournament as a bridge to the previous tournament. We will continue to bring excitement to the Rugby World CupTM together with players, rugby officials, and fans.

Rugby World Cup 2023<sup>TM</sup> France tournament

Bringing the World's Best to Japan

In January 2022, we became a premium global partner of ALL BLACKS (New Zealand National Rugby Football Team), which continues to lead the world's rugby. Along with activities as a top partner of the Japan National Rugby team, we will create opportunities to experience the essence of world's best play and spirit, and contribute to the further development of Japan rugby by sponsoring ALL BLACKS, which is very popular in Japan.

In addition, from April 2022, we have signed a Lipovitan Ambassador agreement with former ALL BLACKS players: Richie McCaw and Dan Carter. Richie McCaw and Dan Carter, Lipovitan Ambassadors, hold rugby clinics for elementary, junior high and high school students who will support the future of Japan rugby world and plan to further increase the number of rugby fans in order to create opportunities in Japan to experience the world's best rugby culture. We will continue to work with our ambassadors to develop the entire Japan rugby world and create an environment where rugby can be enjoyed widely.

Richie McCaw (left) and Dan Carter (right)
Richie McCaw (left) and Dan Carter (right)


Support for SU Agen by UPSA SAS

UPSA SAS, which joined the Taisho Pharmaceutical Group in 2019, is a proud supporter of SU Agen, a French professional rugby union team. With over a century of history, SU Agen boasts deep roots in its native Agen, a town in the southwestern French département of Lot-et-Garonne. UPSA SAS, historically based in Agen, became a supporter of SU Agen in 1996 and continues to be one today.

Support for SU Agen


Taisho Pharmaceutical has served as a special sponsor of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Amateur Player Drafts since 2013. The Company has also been the main sponsor of the NPB Awards since 2014 and an NPB partner since 2016.
Taisho Pharmaceutical is also a proud supporter of amateur sports. As a supporter of the activities of the World Children's Baseball Foundation, proposed and launched by Sadaharu Oh and the late Hank Aaron, we sponsor the World Children's Baseball Fair and baseball classes.

WCBF Baseball Experience Event
WCBF Baseball Experience Event


In 2020, Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed an official sponsorship agreement with the Japan Tennis Association. We support players' continuing efforts to achieve their dreams through the various tournaments, schools and events organized by the association.
At the same time, we began support for Kimiko Date x Yonex Project: Go for the Grand Slam, a program to train top junior female players in the six to eleventh grades. With this activity, we will provide support for children who dream of playing in Junior Grand Slams with a view to competing as professionals in the global arena.

Kimiko Date x Yonex Project: Go for the Grand Slam ©YONEX
Kimiko Date x Yonex Project: Go for the Grand Slam ©YONEX