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June 16, 2008

No 1 global market share patch-type smoking cessation drug marketed in 19 countries worldwide comes to Japan
OTC drug Ciganon® CQ newly launched

GlaxoSmithKline K.K. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereafter referred to as GSK) and Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Taisho Pharmaceutical) will launch the over-the-counter (OTC) patch-type smoking cessation drug Ciganon CQ as of 1 July.

Ciganon CQ is a patch treatment containing nicotine as the active ingredient and is a smoking cessation aid (nicotine replacement therapy) that helps smokers quit smoking successfully. By applying the patch containing a small amount of nicotine on the skin, it continuously supplies nicotine. Through an 8-week two-step stop smoking programme, it relieves nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritation, difficulty concentrating and restlessness that accompany smoking cessation.

With its Dual Action Technology, developed by GSK, which provides a controlled release of nicotine, Ciganon CQ controls the skin penetration of nicotine, increasing the plasma nicotine level in a short time immediately after the patch is applied and quickly relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms at an early stage. It also maintains plasma levels throughout the duration the patch is applied (from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night), leading smokers to successfully quit smoking.

The development of Ciganon CQ started from the beginning of the 1980's and the product was launched in the US in 1991 as an ethical pharmaceutical and in the UK and New Zealand in 1992 as an OTC drug. It is currently available in 19 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe and the US, and is the No 1 brand accounting for 40% of the world's market share for OTC patch-type smoking cessation drugs*1 (marketed overseas under such brand names as Nicoderm® CQ®, NiQuitin CQTM).

In order to stop smoking successfully, measures need to be taken for both physical (nicotine withdrawal symptoms like irritation, difficulty concentrating, and restlessness) and psychological (daily smoking habits) aspects. Ciganon CQ helps improve physical symptoms, and in order to control psychological smoking behaviour, a smoking cessation support programme "Ciganon CQ Kin-en Navi"( that utilises mobile phones has been launched.

"Ciganon CQ Kin-en Navi" delivers supportive e-mails to mobile phones, including how to use Ciganon CQ, which are tailored to the stop-smoking progress of individuals. A message board is also available where people trying to quit smoking can exchange information and encourage and advise each other. The service closely supports the will of smokers to break the habit and grow out of their psychological smoking behaviour (supervised by Professor Yuko Takahashi, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Nara Women's University)*2.

*1:2006 GSK internal survey
*2: Service is free of charge however, communications costs will be incurred by the subscribing mobile phone service company, and may be unavailable in some models.

Ciganon CQ web site: only)

Product specification

Product name Ciganon CQ1 Ciganon CQ2
Ingredient/amount 1 patch contains 78mg of nicotine 1 patch contains 36mg of nicotine
Suggested retail price
(incl. tax)
7 patches
2,800 yen
(2,940 yen)
14 patches
5,400 yen
(5,670 yen)
7 patches
2,500 yen
(2,625 yen)
Launch date 1 July
Dosage & Administration Apply 1 patch once daily to the chest, back or arm, and remove before bedtime. Change place of application daily.
Ciganon CQ1 Ciganon CQ2
first 6 weeks next 2 weeks
If symptoms such as irritation disappear after using Ciganon CQ1 for six weeks, it is not necessary to use Ciganon CQ2.
Indication Relief of symptoms such as irritation, difficulty concentrating, and restlessness that accompanies smoking cessation.
  • A drug containing a small amount of nicotine worn on the skin
  • Relieves symptoms such as irritation, difficulty concentrating, and restlessness that accompanies smoking cessation
  • The nicotine controlled release technology developed by GSK controls skin penetration of nicotine for a long time, maintaining plasma levels
  • Easy to use by just putting it on the skin
  • A small skin-coloured patch that doesn't stand out
  • Manufacturing and distribution GlaxoSmithKline K.K.
    Selling Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.