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March 22, 2005

Taisho Now Provides Information via Cell Phones

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will establish a website, "Useful Information on Pharmaceuticals and Other Products" today. This website provides information to consumers via cell phones.

It is said that two out of three people currently have a cell phone in Japan. Taisho's website provides accurate information to people suffering diseases that are embarrassing to talk about. To do this, Taisho will utilize the convenience and privacy of cell phones. The first information available is on athlete's foot.

At the website, people can search "Dermarin" products, Taisho's products for athlete's foot, and view contents such as "Which product for athlete's foot is best for you?" and, "Useful information on athlete's foot."

Taisho actively continues not only developing good products but also providing good and easy-to-understand information in order to promote self-medication.

[How to access the website (Japanese only)]

- By photographing a two-dimensional barcode
- By sending a blank e-mail to
- By typing
  * A fee is charged per packet when you access the website.
  * The website may not be accessible from some cell phones. two-dimensional barcode

[Website contents]

Dermarin product search
Which product for athlete's foot is best for you?
Useful information on athlete's foot
  -Use different forms of drugs smartly (cream, liquid and spray)
  -Important points for the treatment of athlete's foot
  -Good application methods for products for athlete's foot
  -What causes athlete's foot?
  -Preventing athlete's foot