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October 12, 2004

For Sterilization and Disinfection of the Mouth and Throat
New Release of "Pabron Gargle," a New Category Quasi-drug

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will release "Pabron Gargle" on October 18. Pabron Gargle is a new category quasi-drug that sterilizes and disinfects the mouth and throat, and will soon be available at convenience stores and outlets nationwide.

It is important to prevent bacteria entering the body via the mouth and throat in order to prevent diseases due to bacterial infection. 
Pabron Gargle contains cetylpyridinium chloride and clove oil as antibacterial agents, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate as an anti-inflammatory agent, and l-menthol, which is a refreshing flavor. This gargle sterilizes, disinfects and cleans the mouth and throat. It stops bad breath and has a refreshing "eucalyptus-mint" flavor. Each bottle contains enough for about 50 gargles. 
Gargling with this product effectively cleans the mouth and stops bad breath, even removing food between teeth.

Product features
- 25 mL is enough for about 50 gargles
- Refreshing "eucalyptus-mint" flavor
- Clear liquid

Product specification

Product name Pabron Gargle
Suggested retail price 25mL ¥577 (¥550 product + ¥27 tax)
Ingredients 100 mL of the product contains:
Cetylpyridinium chloride 1 g
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate 1 g
l-menthol 2.5 g
Clove oil 0.1 g
Indications Sterilizes, disinfects and cleans the mouth and throat, and stops bad breath.
Dosage Put 6 to 10 drops (approximately 0.5 mL) of Pabron Gargle into approximately 100 mL of (warm) water, and gargle. Use several times a day.
Date of sale October 18, 2004 (later in some stores)
Expected sales  ¥300 million (one year from date of sale)