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May 27, 2004

Introducing Cutting-Edge POS System "SUPPORT VAN-VE"
Enhancing communication with customers

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) has developed "SUPPORT VAN-VE", a network-based open point-of-sales (POS) system. The new system will be available from August 2004.

Two decades have passed since Taisho Pharmaceutical introduced its first Taisho Support System to support the management of pharmacies and drugstores. SUPPORT VAN-VE is our fifth-generation network-based POS model that connects stores to Taisho Pharmaceutical’s central computer system over the SUPPORT VAN system network. 
Amid a tougher operating environment, it has become necessary to develop and provide more advanced systems as a way to support pharmacies and drugstores through the SUPPORT VAN system. As a pharmaceuticals manufacturer, Taisho Pharmaceutical is leveraging its extensive experience in developing systems for pharmacies and drugstores to add new features while maintaining the usefulness of previous systems. 

SUPPORT VAN-VE is an improvement on previous services that connect POS terminals through networks to Taisho Pharmaceutical’s central computer system. In addition to management of POS data, SUPPORT VAN-VE creates a framework where the results of processing and analysis can be viewed as graphs and data on the Internet. Using Microsoft Windows™ POS software, it is possible to transfer POS data to a PC, allowing individual managers to adapt the data to their own analysis needs. Offering better customer management features to retain preferred customers, the system has service functions, such as point-of-sale management, and analysis functions, such as the extraction of data on preferred customers and store sales trends, in order to provide services more effectively. 
In addition to these enhanced POS functions, Taisho Pharmaceutical has opened the Taisho Support Center to integrate the functions of a specialized call center for after-sales service support for stores, a consumables service for furnishing receipt paper and other supplies, as well as maintenance services. Taisho Pharmaceutical aims to invigorate its management structure by having its professional specialists offer training to pharmacies and drugstores and through other support activities. 

Taisho Pharmaceutical will make every effort to stimulate the self-medication market by aggressively developing and providing management support systems for pharmacies and drugstores in tune with changes in the operating environment. 

- Same basic operability and functionality of the well-received EX System
- Use of color LCD touch panel improves operability
- Data analysis, preferred customer analysis and customer defection trend analysis to enhance services for preferred customers
- Quickly shows sales analysis data such as top-selling items over the Internet
- Establishment of Taisho Support Center as dedicated support center

Functions and Performance
- NEC Twin-POS 3500 hardware with Windows XP installed
- Product management of 50,000 items, management of 50,000 customer names

- Use of rewriteable cards for customer cards
- Selection of printers by usage frequency
- Central server scalable to number of stores