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September 16, 2003

Taisho Launches "Menfula Hot <IM>"
Japan’s First Warming-Sensation Poultice Formulated with Indomethacin and Containing Vitamin E

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announces the launch of "Menfula Hot <IM>"on September 19, Japan’s first indomethacin-formulated poultice containing vitamin E.

"Menfula Hot <IM>" is especially potent against long-term pain in the shoulders and lower back because it is infused with three ingredients that have analgesic effects on areas commonly affected by muscle pain. 
Indomethacin, one of the active ingredients, directly controls pain by inhibiting production of the pain-producing and enhancing substance prostaglandin. Another active ingredient, capsicum extract, warms the affected site over a wide area to relax strained muscles.
In addition, vitamin E, included for the first time ever in an indomethacin-formulated poultice, promotes blood circulation at the affected site while removing accumulated lactic acid caused by congestion and oxygen deficiency.

"Menfula Hot <IM>" fits snugly against the skin, thanks to its excellent elasticity and adhesive properties, even if you move vigorously. This all-new warm-sensation poultice is also free of annoying odors.

Product features
- Japan’s first indomethacin-formulated poultice containing vitamin E
- A warm sensation without annoying odors
- Fits snugly against the skin, thanks to excellent elasticity and adhesion, even with vigorous body movement

Product specification
Product name Menfula Hot <IM>
Suggested retail price 8-sheet pack ¥880   18-sheet pack ¥1,680
Ingredients (per 100 g (1,000 cm2) of plaster)
Indomethacin 0.375 g
Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) 0.3 g
Capsicum extract 0.1 g
Indications Pain in the shoulders (including stiff shoulders), lower back, joints, muscles, tenosynovitis (pain in the hands or wrists), elbows (including tennis elbow), contusion, and sprains.
Dosage Apply to the affected site up to twice daily after removing plastic film. 
Date of sale September 19, 2003
Expected sales ¥1.2 billion(one year from date of sale)