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September 10, 2003

Gastrointestinal Drug "Balancer Ichoyaku"
for Overeating, Overdrinking, and Gastric Retention, Launch

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announces the launch of comprehensive gastrointestinal drug "Balancer Ichoyaku" on September 16 that contains several digestive enzymes.

"Balancer Ichoyaku" contains a balanced mixture of herbal medications and antacids in addition to digestive enzymes, and relieves stomach discomfort resulting from overeating, overdrinking, and the like.

Three digestive enzymes, including "Prozyme 6", degrade starch, proteins, and lipids to relieve the symptoms of overeating and indigestion. Five herbal medications relieve stomach discomfort and loss of appetite by enhancing gastric mobility. Two antacids relieve heartburn, nausea, and stomachache by neutralizing excess gastric acid secreted due to alcohol consumption, stress, and other factors.

Taisho has now broadened our gastrointestinal drug product line that includes "Taisho Kampo Ichoyaku" by adding "Balancer Ichoyaku" to treat various gastrointestinal symptoms.

Product specification

Product name Balancer Ichoyaku
Suggested retail price 24-pack ¥1,200    36-pack ¥1,700
Ingredients (per 1.2g pack dose)
Biodiastase 2000 30 mg
Prozyme 6 6.7 mg
(20 mg in 3 packs)
Lipase AP6 30 mg
Powdered cinnamon bark 133.3 mg
(400 mg in 3 packs)
Powdered ginger 15 mg
Powdered atractylodes lancea rhizome 15 mg
Powdered magnolia bark 15 mg
Powdered citrus unshiu peel 15 mg
Synthetic hydrotalcite 300 mg
Sodium bicarbonate 150 mg
Indications Overeating, overdrinking, indigestion, heartburn, stomachache, gastric hyperacidity, stomach discomfort, belching, stomach and abdominal distension, stomach heaviness, nausea (due to hangovers), vomiting, loss of appetite, and weak stomach.
Dosage Take between or after meals at the following doses.
Age Single dose Freqency
15 and over 1 pack 3 doses per day
11-14 years two-thirds of a pack
8-10 years half of a pack
5-7 years one-third of a pack
3-4 years quarter of a pack
less than 3 years Do not administer under age 3.
Date of sale September 16, 2003
Expected sales ¥500 million (one year from date of sale)