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August 7, 2003

Opening of New Web Site "" Bringing Consumers More Detailed Information about Medicine

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(President: Akira Uehara) announces the opening of a new web site "" on August 7. The new web site will provide consumers with more detailed and clear product information in addition to the information included with the packaging of medicines. 

"" was created in response to the right of consumers to know more information about the medicines they are taking. The site will provide consumers with accurate information about medicine in an easy to understand format at the moment it is needed. 

To Taisho Pharmaceuticals responding to the existing needs of consumers is an essential aspect of the self-medication movement, which empowers each consumer to "take responsibility for the management of their own health." 
First, we will provide information about the children’s motion sickness medicine "Children’s Semper S" in response to the many questions about dosage and drug interactions regarding this medicine which we have received from customers through our Customer Affairs Division.

"" will feature separate pages on each individual medicine. The address to the corresponding pages will be written in the instructions included in the packaging of each medicine. By accessing the website consumers will be provided with information not included in the instructions about the usage of each medicine under a variety of different circumstances. Regarding existing packaging, instructions that include the address to the new web site are being phased in. 

The site offers a "Product question and answer" section as well as a "Useful health information page" section both supervised by a medical specialist. Also, by registering on the member registration page consumers can receive a twice-monthly newsletter containing updated health information from the company recommended health information site "". (No registration or membership fees)

Web site outline
- Easy to understand question and answer section supervised by a medical specialist.
- Useful information on coping with and preventing illness.
- Information service from health information site "".

Web site address (Japanese only)
- Children’s Semper S