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June 26th, 2003

A Uniquely Fast-Acting Suppository-Type Laxative
Colac Suppository-Type Debut

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President Akira Uehara) will begin sales of Colac Suppository-Type, a uniquely fast acting suppository-type laxative, on June 30th.

Colac Suppository-Type is a laxative suppository that after insertion in the anus melts through body heat; the active ingredient responds, which releases carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide released promotes peristalsis in the large intestine, causing a bowel movement in approximately 10 to 30 minutes. Because the medicine works in the rectum the medicine has the unique feature of lessening the burden on the small intestine, and makes it difficult for stomach pain to occur. Additionally, suppository-type laxatives are being prescribed by obstetricians, so pregnant women may also use this medicine.

A company survey of 800 women in their twenties through forties complaining of constipation found that many wanted a medicine that "lessened pain" and "acted quickly". As a condition for the ideal laxative the most common priorities raised were "not causing stomach pain"(68%), and coping with the "extreme anxiety caused by constipation" while "traveling" (55.3%) or while "at work and school" (32.4%). On the basis of this type of fact the determination was made to introduce a suppository-type laxative.

At Taisho as the target of this product we would like to address the needs of those who want medicine to "work right when they want it to work" such as those who are assumed to be suffering from tough constipation, traveling, or busy with raising children.

The Colac series is the leading line in the 30 billion yen laxative market. The previously existing line-up include the highly effective Colac, Herbal Colac, which effectively promotes the body's natural function through herbal medicine, as well as Colac Soft, which even while utilizing western style medicine, has a mild effect which makes it difficult to cause stomach pain. With the introduction of Colac Suppository-Type we are even better able to respond to the increasingly diverse needs of consumers.

Colac Brands At-A-Glance
Product name
Product features
Colac Suppository-Type
- Upon insertion, the suppository quickly melts under body heat. The active ingredient reacts with body fluids releasing extremely fine bubbles of carbon dioxide.
- The active ingredient bisacodyl is buffered five times to prevent it from dissolving in the stomach, and to make it work potently when the laxative reaches the intestines.
- Stimulates the large intestine and increases peristalsis.
- Causes a complete clear bowel movement.
Reduced stomach pain and First-time users
Colac Soft
- The active ingredient sodium picosulfate works softly in the intestines.
- Light action inhibits stomache pain.
Natural medicine Colac Herb
- Herbal extract sennoside restores correct movement of the large intestine.
- Herbal extract powdered glycyrrhiza extract inhibits stomach pain.

Product specification
Product name Colac Suppository-Type
Suggested retail price 10 suppository pack ¥880
Ingredients (per suppository (2.6g)
sodium bicarbonate 0.5g
anhydrous monobasic sodium phosphate 0.68g
Indication constipation
Dosage 12 Years and over: Insert one suppository into the rectum one time. If the desired effect is not reached the dose may be repeated one time if necessary. *Not for use in patients under 12 years old
Expected sales ¥500 million (Anticipated amount shipped through March)