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March 18, 2003

Announcing the Launch of "Resty Tablets"
Insomnia Treatment/Tranquilizer with 9 Herbs to Aid Sleep

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will launch "Resty Tablets", an insomnia treatment/tranquilizer containing 9 herbs to help those with a tendency to insomnia due to nervousness or low spirits, on April 4.

Busy lifestyles and high levels of stress mean that more and more people today suffer from an imbalance of the autonomous nervous system or of the hormones, leading to sleep disorders such as an inability to sleep soundly. In response to a survey conducted by Taisho Pharmaceutical, one in three adults reported, "I don't sleep well" or "I wake up too easily". In particular, 47% of women in their 30s were dissatisfied with their sleep.

"Resty Tablets" contains yokukan-san-ka-shakuyaku-oren dried aqueous extracts, extracted from nine herbs, which promote a deep and natural sleep by restoring the balance of the autonomous nervous system and soothing the nerves. Ideal for those who suffer from shallow sleep, have trouble falling asleep, or wake up too easily, and who prefer the natural action of herbal remedies, "Resty Tablets" will not make the user sleepy during the day.

The package design features attractive illustrations that make the product's applications clear at a glance.

Product features
- Soothes the body and aids natural sleep
- Specific and wide-ranging applications
- Attractive, easy-to-understand package design

What is yokukan-san-ka-shakuyaku-oren?
Yokukan-san is a traditional kampo formula widely prescribed for sleeplessness and nervous irritation. In "Resty Tablets", extracts of shakuyaku and oren have been added for increased effectiveness.

Product specification
Product name Resty Tablets
Suggested retail price 72 tablets ¥1,200 150 tablets ¥2,400
Ingredients (in every 6 tablets)
Yokukan-san-ka-shakuyaku-oren dried aqueous extract : 900.0 mg
(Containing dried extract of the following herbal medici)
Bukuryo [Poria cocos; hoelen] : 1144.4 mg
Kanzo [Glycyrrhiza uralensis; licorice] : 105.6 mg
Saiko [Bupleurum falcatum: thorowax] : 352.2 mg
Senkyu [Cnidium officinale; selinum] : 475.4 mg
Sojutsu [Atractylodes lancea; atractylodes] : 933.0 mg
Chotoko [Uncaria tomentosa; cat's claw] : 264.0 mg
Toki [Angelica acutiloba; angelica] : 968.4 mg
Shakuyaku [Paeonia lactiflora; white peony] : 704.2 mg
Oren [Coptis chinensis; goldthread] : 52.8 mg
Indications Nervousness, low spirits and other symptoms, with a tendency to insomnia:
-Shallow sleep, difficulty falling sleep, difficulty remaining asleep
-Lack of willpower, low spirits
-Irritability, short-temperedness, impatience, nervousness
Age Dosage Frequency
over 15 years 6 tablets 3 times a day
7-14 years 4 tablets
5-6 years 3 tablets
under 5 years Do not administer to children under age 5
Date of sale April 4, 2003
Expected sales ¥800 million (in 12 months from launch)