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February 13, 2003

Taisho to Launch "Glucocare" Food for Specified Health Use That Slows Rise of Blood Sugar After Meals - first product to be marketed under the "Livita" brand -

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) is to launch "Glucocare", a Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) that has the effect of slowing the sharp rise of blood sugar after meals. Retailing at ¥120 for 190g, the product will go on sale on February 25.

"Glucocare" will be marketed under the "Livita" (standing for Life Vitality Support) brand, a total brand encompassing all Taisho food products whose safety and effectiveness has been demonstrated by scientific means.

Complicated peptic dextrin, the water-soluble dietary fiber that is the active ingredient of "Glucocare" regulates the absorption of sugar after meals and slows the rise in blood sugar.
As blood sugar levels rise after meals, it is important to take "Glucocare" with meals. To make it easier to continue taking on a regular basis, "Glucocare" is supplied in the form of a pleasant green tea-flavored drink.

The aging of Japanese population has made lifestyle-related diseases a major social issue. Lifestyle-related diseases are a group of diseases whose causes and progress are thought to be related to long-term habits in relation to diet, exercise, rest, smoking and alcohol consumption. Diabetes, which is often referred to as Japanese new "national disease", involves a decline in the secretion and action of insulin, causing high blood sugar and leading to a range of complications.

In recent years, the number of diabetes patients in Japan has been rising steadily, and a survey conducted in 1997 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare suggests that the country may have nearly 13.7 million diabetes sufferers, including those in whom the disease is incipient. In parallel with this trend, the market for foods for specified health use (FOSHU) designed to regulate blood sugar has grown nearly 35 times, from ¥520 million in 1999 to ¥18.43 billion in 2001.

In this background Taisho Pharmaceutical launched FOSHU, "Cholescare", that lowers serum cholesterol, in March 2002. The safety and effectiveness that only a pharmaceutical manufacturer can build in have won users' support and "Cholescare" enjoys strong sales. "Glucocare" will be Taisho's second FOSHU.

In the opening years of the 21st century, public awareness of the need for self-medication ("looking after your own health") has continued to grow, and Japanese overall FOSHU market has grown to a value of more than ¥400 billion.

As a company whose business philosophy is based on a contribution to enrich the lives of the people, Taisho Pharmaceutical has been expanding the scope of its business beyond therapeutic pharmaceuticals to include health-maintaining drugs, life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, quasi-drug products and now FOSHUs. Taisho will continue its product development activities with a view to meeting diversifying users' needs.

Product features
- Contains "complicated peptic dextrin", a dietary fiber that reduces glucose absorption after meals
- Pleasant green tea flavor is hard to grow tired of

Product specification
Product name Glucocare (soft drink)
Suggested retail price 190g can ¥120
Permitted labeling This beverage contains dietary fiber (complicated peptic dextrin), which slows the absorption of sugar, and is suitable for those concerned about their blood sugar.
Recommended consumption As a guideline, take 1 can (190g) with meals.
Analysis of ingredients (in every 190g can)
Calorific value
0.8-5.3 kcal
less than 1.1g
Dietary fiber
30 mg
Active ingredient - complicated peptic dextrin
(as dietary fiber)
Date of sale February 25, 2003
Expected sales ¥1.5 billion (in 12 months from launch)