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October 29, 2002

Taisho Launches "Yojigen" an energy drink
- Combination with medicinal ginseng/Muira Puama-

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (President? Akira Uehara) announces the October 30 launch of "Yojigen" (30 mL 700 yen), an energy drink.

"Yojigen" is an energy drink, a combination with tonic nature remedies including a medicinal ginseng, Muira Puama, Lurong and epimedinm, additionally with a Royal jelly, taurine, vitamins, etc. having a highly nutritive tonic effect directed to men of today managing in the stressful tight society. It has a spicy taste, the package is slim and easy to be picked up, and worked-out letters on the side are easy to read. It was named "Yojigen" referring to "a drink which is a source providing nourishment".

Energy drinks with nature remedies are lined up with relatively high prices mostly from 800 yen to 2,000 yen or higher owing to scarcity values of the nature remedies. According to the research conducted by our company, it was found that some users who wish to purchase the energy drinks with the nature remedies would buy them with reasonable prices. As for "Yojigen", an energy drink with nature remedies, the suggested retail price is kept 700 yen per bottle meeting the needs of consumers in addition to the efficacy.

Characteristics of Main Ingredients

[Muira Puama] The root of Muira Puama, Olacaceae growing wild in the Amazon basin in Brazil. It has a tonic effect.
[Ginseng] The root of panax ginseng, Araliaceae, having an effect of improving the weak constitution besides being used as a nutritive tonic.
[Epimedinm] Whole plant of Epimedium, Berberidaceae. It is being widely used as a tonic.
[Royal jelly] A milky substance secreted from the pharyngeal gland of a worker bee containing a minute amount of unknown ingredients in addition to vitamins and amino acids. It has a nutritive tonic effect.

Product specification

Product Name Yojigen
Suggested Retail Price 700 yen (tax excluded)
Ingredients  (in 30 mL)
Ginseng extract-P 86 mg
(equivalent to 600 mg of a ginseng)
Muira Puama extract 25 mg
(equivalent to 250 mg of Muira Puama)
Lurong tincture 0.54 mL
(equivalent to 150 mg of Lurong)
Epimedium extract 50 mg
(equivalent to 500 mg of epimedinm)
Royal jelly 200 mg
Taurine 500 mg
Inositol 50 mg
Vitamin B6 10 mg
Nicotinic acid amide 25 mg
Anhydrous caffeine 50 mg
Indication *nutrition and tonic *weak constitution *nutrient supply in the cases of physical fatigue/during and after disease/poor appetite/ nutritional disorder/febrile and wasting disease/pregnancy and lactation stages, etc.
Dosage Take one bottle (30 mL)/dose a day for an adult (15 years old and older).
Date of Sale October 30, 2002
Expected sales 1 Billion yen (for one year from putting on the market)