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July 25, 2002

Taisho Pharmaceutical Issues Environment Report 2002

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) has issued its Environment Report 2002, summarizing activities in fiscal 2001.

Such global environmental problems as global warming, ozone-layer depletion, and destruction of ecosystems are becoming more severe in this the twenty-first century. For corporations, taking the initiative in addressing environmental issues has become a pressing concern. No company can expect to survive without taking action.

Taisho Pharmaceutical recognizes that environmental issues are of vital importance and must be given priority in the company’s management. Our policy is "To care for the environment and leave a greener world to future generations in all our corporate activities, from product development, to production, distribution, consumption, and disposal." We are, thus, involved in a wide variety of energy-saving, resource conservation, and waste-reduction activities, designed to turn Taisho Pharmaceutical into a recycling company that strives to be harmony with the natural environment.

This Environment Report is part of these activities and issued to provide consumers with an indispensable understanding of what we are trying to do. The first such report, it is broadly conceived and contains a wealth of quantitative data. We anticipate continuing to issue these reports on a regular basis.