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May 22, 2002

Unit-Dose Antibacterial Eye drops
Antibacterial Irisα To Go On Sale

On May 23, Taisho Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) will begin sales of Antibacterial Irisα, a new formulation antibacterial eyedrops that addresses the onset process of sties.

Antibacterial Irisα combines the persistent antibacterial agent sodium sulfamethoxazole with glycyrrhizin diacid potassium, an anti-inflammatory agent to sooth the eye’s inflammation or itching, chondroitin sodium sulfate, which protects the cornea, and taurin, which nourishes the eyes. These four types of active principles work effectively on Antibacterial Iris α.

Antibacterial Iris α is an 18-piece pack unit-dose type eyedrops, which boasts excellent portability. Antibacterial Iris α does not irritate the eyes. This is why this eyedrops can be used by all the family regardless of age.

In March 1993, the Company released Aris CL-I for sale. This is a unit-dose lacrimal eyedrops intended for the use of contact lens or for dry-eye symptoms. In May 1997, another unit-dose eyedrops"Antibacterial Iris" went on sale. Those have has proven highly popular with consumers.

Product features
(1) Improved formulation from the consideration to the onset process of sties.
(2) Because it is unit-dose,
1) Antibacterial Iris α is clean whenever you use it.
2) You can store the unused pieces clean.
3) All the family can use it.
(3) Antibacterial Iris α does not irritate the eyes.

Product Overview
[Name ] Antibacterial Iris α
[Suggested retail price] 980 yen (with 18-piece packed)
Sodium sulfamethoxazole ---4.0%
Glycyrrhizin diacid potassium ---0.25%
Chondroitin sodium sulfate ---0.25%
Chondroitin sodium sulfate ---0.1%
[Indications] Sty, conjunctivitis, blepharitis (sore eyelid), and itchiness of the eyes
[Usage/dosage] Use 2 or 3 eye drops 3 to 6 times a day.
[Date of sale] May 23, 2002
[Sales objectives for the first year] 240 million yen (shipment value)