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March 26, 2002

Eiji Takigawa to Appear in Lipovitan D Commercials

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) has announced that starting April 2002, actor Eiji Takigawa will appear in commercials for its quasi-drug drink product Lipovitan D.

Since the start of sales in March 1962, Lipovitan D has been one of Taisho Pharmaceutical's most popular products.This March it is forty years old. 

The first Lipovitan D commercials featured such sports heroes as Endy Miyamoto and Sadaharu Oh. After a period in which actors Akira Takarada and Hideki Takahashi were the product's spokesmen, Hiroshi Katsuno and Jun Miyauchi appeared in 1977 as the first of the "Fight! Ippatsu!" dynamic duos. Kane Kosugi, who currently appears in "Fight! Ippatsu!" commercials, is the ninth actor to appear in this role and the thirteenth celebrity spokesman to appear on behalf of the product.

Actor Kai Shishido has appeared on behalf of Lipovitan D for nearly nine years, since August 1993. However, as of the product's fortieth anniversary, he will be replaced by Eiji Takigawa, who will be the "Fight! Ippatsu!" tenth generation, in an effort to strengthen the brand and to broaden its appeal. Eiji Takigawa is new star, who has just graduated from university this spring. He and Kane Kosugi will appear together as a new duo in Lipovitan D commercials starting in April, continuing the Lipovitan D concept,"Exertion, Bonds of friendship, victory"

[Why Eiji Takigawa]

- His passion and determination make him a perfect fit  for Lipovitan D commercials.

- He is cheerful, youthful, and intelligent.