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November 28, 2002

Pabron Rhinitis Series Lineup Strengthened
With Simultaneous Launch of 2 New Products

In preparation for the coming hayfever season, Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) is launching two new items in the Pabron rhinitis series, simultaneously — "Pabron Nose Spray S", a nasal spray, and "Children's Pabron Rhinitis Syrup S", a syrup version. A large-size (220 ml) can of "Pabron Nose Wash AG" is also being added to the range.
The rhinitis-related market, although subject to the pollen count, is growing due to the rise in the number of people suffering from allergies.
By expanding the Pabron rhinitis series lineup, which includes products suitable for patients of all ages, from children to adults, Taisho will continue to help hayfever sufferers from adults to children.

New Product: "Pabron Nose Spray S"
Hayfever is caused by pollen, and its symptoms grow worse if the pollen fragments inside the sufferer's nose. "Pabron Nose Spray S" is designed to make it more difficult for pollen to fragment inside the nose.
Its active ingredients, including a vasoconstrictor, an antihistamine and a disinfectant, help relieve blocked nose, runny nose and other symptoms, while the addition of menthol provides an extra clean feeling.
The bottle is designed to prevent the liquid from dispersing at the front of the nose when sprayed, and make sure that it reaches the back of the nose.

Product features
- Menthol for an extra clean feeling
- Fixed-dose spray
- Helps prevent pollen from fragmenting

Product specification
Suggested retail price 30 ml, ¥1,380; 15 ml, ¥950 (not including tax)
Ingredients (in every 100 ml)
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.1g
Chlorfeniramine maleate 0.5g
Benzetonium chloride 0.02g
Indications Relieves the following symptoms of allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis
and sinusitis: blocked nose, runny nose (excessive production of 
nasal mucus), sneezing, heavy head
Dosage Adults (age 15 or over) and children (age 7 or over): 
Spray inside nose, 1-2 times. Repeat dose as necessary, up to 6 times a day, at intervals of no less than 3 hours. (Do not administer to 
children under age 7.)
Date of sale November 29, 2002
Expected sales ¥700 million (by March 31, 2003)

New Product: "Children's Pabron Rhinitis Syrup S"
Children's nasal passages are narrower than those of adults and their nasal mucosa are more sensitive, which means that inflammation can more easily cause the nose to become blocked. "Children's Pabron Rhinitis Syrup S" contains two widely used herbal medicines, "Magnolia flower" and "Shinozepeta spike", to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis. It comes in the form of a pleasant strawberry-flavored syrup, and can be administered to infants aged 3 months or over.

Product feature
- Contains two herbal medicines
- Pleasant strawberry-flavored syrup
- Suitable for infants from age 3 months

Product specification
Suggested retail price 100 ml, ¥1,100
Ingredients (in every 60 ml)
d-chlorpheniramine maleate 4 mg
Fluid extract of shinozepeta spike 1 mL
(equivalent to 1000 mg of base herbal medicines)
Fluid extract of magnolia flower  0.25 mL
(equivalent to 250 mg of herbal medicines)
Indications Relieves the following symptoms of allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis 
and sinusitis: sneezing, runny nose (excessive production of nasal 
mucus), blocked nose, watering eyes, sore throat, heavy head
Dosage Measure the doses shown below using the measuring cup provided, and take 3 times a day, after meals, and before going to bed, if necessary. May be taken up to 6 times a day if required, but in this case doses should be spaced at intervals of no less than 4 hours.
Age 11-14years 7-10years 3-6years 1-2years 6-11months 3-5months less than3 months
Dose size 10 ml 7 ml 5 ml 3.5 ml 3 ml 2.5 ml Do not administer
No. of doses

One dose, 3 times a day

Date of sale November 29, 2002
Expected sales ¥100 million (by March 31, 2003)

New Product Format: Pabron Nose Wash AG (220 ml)
The nasal irrigation product "Pabron Nose Wash AG", supplied in aerosol format, uses a gentle mist to thoroughly clean the nose and wash away pollen and dust that has entered the nasal passages. The generous 220 ml-size can contains around 110 doses.

Product features
- A gentle, sting-free nasal irrigation product
- Easy-to-use aerosol format
- Large can for frequent users

Product specification
Suggested retail price 220 ml, ¥1,000
Ingredients Distilled water, mint extract, sodium chloride (osmotic pressure regulator), citric acid, sodium citrate (pH adjustor), benzalkonium chloride(preservative) 0.0035%
Date of sale December 20, 2002
Expected sales ¥200 million (by March 31, 2003)