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News Releases(2001)



Dec/25/2001   Pabron Nose Wash AG, Clean out Pollen and Dust
Dec/19/2001   Taisho Completes New Quality Control Building
Dec/03/2001 PDF file Taisho Announces Tabling of Business Consolidation by Stock Transfer
Oct/25/2001   ZENA King:Newest Addition to ZENA Lineup Taisho Renews Series and Packages
Oct/25/2001 Hiroyuki Sanada Featured in New ZENA TV Campaign
Oct/18/2001   Taisho launches Menfula Hap [IM]:Warming-Sensation Poultice Formulated with Indomethacin
Oct/18/2001   New Taisho Fukuoka Branch Building Completed
Oct/09/2001   Competition to Create Lipovitan D Original Brand Character
Sep/18/2001 Introducing: SUPPORT VAN 21 (21st Century POS System)
Sep/17/2001 PDF file Announcement of Business Consolidation by Stock Transfer
Sep/03/2001 Taisho Supports Japan National Rugby Football Team by Becoming Official Sponsor
Aug/30/2001 Product Release:Taisho Kampo Ichoyaku Oral Solution
Aug/10/2001   Quasi-Drug Product Release: Lipovitan 11, with 11 Active Ingredients
Aug/06/2001   Taisho and Yamanouchi Sign Agreement to Engage in Joint Research for New Drug Discovery
Aug/01/2001   Product Release:Hornel Tablets Active Vitamin D3 Derivative
Jul/10/2001   Taisho and GlaxoSmithKline Agree Smoking Control Partnership in Japan
Jun/05/2001   Taisho and Asahi Soft Drinks Team up for Vending Machine Sales
May/14/2001   Taisho Develops Chinese Weiyangning Stomach Medication
May/09/2001   Taisho Announces Release of White Iris Eyedrops for Women
Apr/11/2001   Taisho Announces Release of Lipovitan D II, A Medical Vitamin Drink
Mar/23/2001 Taisho's Omiya Factory Receives ISO 14001 Certification
Mar/19/2001   Taisho suspends operations at Medwell Taisho
Mar/14/2001   Taisho Announces Release of Alfe B-in: A "Pick-me-up" Drink for Women with coix seed
Mar/01/2001   EpiGenesis Signs Development And Licensing Agreement With Taisho
Feb/21/2001   Taisho Launches Iris Neo Eyedrops For Focus Control
Feb/05/2001   Taisho Launches Ihmen: Aerosol Insect Repellent
Feb/02/2001   Taisho to Release Lorcam Tablets: Oxicam-derived NSAID
Feb/01/2001 PDF file Taisho and Arena Pharmaceuticals Licensing of "OBESITY" Orphan Receptor Target and Small Molecule Modulators. (PDF File)
Jan/25/2001   Clinical Testing Begins for a Hair-Loss Treatment for Women
Jan/10/2001   Taisho to Begin Marketing Iris Eyewash New Eye Care Product that Is Both Effective and Easy on the Eyes
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