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News Releases(2000)



Dec/27/2000   Taisho and Suntory Agree to Jointly Develop Treatment for Acute-Phase Cerebral Infarction
Dec/22/2000   Taisho and Janssen Sign Agreement for CRF Recepter Antagonists
Dec/12/2000 Taisho Expands Diabetes Collaboration with Neurocrine
Dec/06/2000   Taisho Completes Website Revision
Nov/01/2000 Taisho Offers Services on Internet-Based Information Service with Maps of Pharmacies and Drug Stores
Oct/31/2000   LIPOVITAN Released in Australia
Oct/19/2000   Product Release: Semper QT, Quick Dissolving Motion Sickness Tablets
Sep/26/2000   Product Release: Lipovitan Royal, a Quasi-Drug Drink
Sep/06/2000 Taisho and Pherin Sign Agreement for Research on VNO Stimulants
Sep/05/2000   Notification of the Result of Treasury Stock Purchase
Sep/04/2000 Notification of Treasury Stock Purchase
Aug/10/2000 Taisho Establishes Beijing Office
Aug/08/2000   Product Release: ZENA Ginger, a New Look for the ZENA Line
Jul/27/2000   Three Years after Acquiring Overseas Brand Taisho Revamps Strategy for Colac
Jul/21/2000   Taisho and Neurocrine Joint Development and Sales Agreement for NBI-6024 Diabetes Treatment
Jul/17/2000   One Year Following the Release of RiUP
Jun/27/2000   Taisho and IDEC Sign a Collaborative Agreement for Anti-MIF Antibody R&D
Jun/22/2000   Taisho Enters into Joint Research Agreement with Arena Pharmaceuticals
Jun/08/2000   The Lipovitan Series of Quasi-Drugs Welcomes Effective and Great Tasting Lipovitan 8
Jun/06/2000   Product Release: BIOPEX(R) Orthopedic Filling Paste
Apr/27/2000 Taisho's Fifth Stage of Remodeling Begins
Mar/28/2000 New OTC Pharmacology Endowment Lecture Series Established at Nihon University
Mar/14/2000   Taisho and INSMED to Join in Development and Commercialization of Diabetes Treatment
Feb/29/2000   Taisho and EpiGenesis Agree to Joint Development of Asthma Treatment EPI-2010
Feb/07/2000   Phase 1 U.S. Clinical Trials of Anti-CD23 Monoclonal Antibody
Feb/05/2000   New Product Release: Dermarin Powder Spray Feel Dry and Clean!
Jan/28/2000   Notification of the Result of Treasury Stock Purchase
Jan/27/2000   Notification of Treasury Stock Purchase
Jan/25/2000   Taisho and Takeda Sign Basic Agreement Regarding Joint Development Outside Japan
Jan/17/2000   New Product Release - Lipovitan D Light Quasi-Drug Drink
Jan/14/2000   Licensing Pesticide Trademark Rights
Jan/13/2000 New Product Release: Lipovitan Jr. Vitamin Drink for Growing Children
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