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September 6, 2000

Taisho and Pherin Sign Agreement for Research on VNO Stimulants

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President, Akira Uehara) and Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (headquartered in Menlo Park, California; President: David L. Berliner) signed an agreement to jointly research vomeropherins (synthetic derivatives of pheromones to the vomeronasal organ (VNO) system). The agreement also stipulates options for licensing.

Under the agreement, in addition to rights to select treatment targets for Pherin's research relating to vomeropherins, Taisho retains rights to enter future licensing contracts on any developments yielded by this research. Once licensing begins, Taisho will have exclusive development and sales rights in Asia, and semi-exclusive rights in Europe, the United States and other areas.

When used pharmaceutically, vomeropherins stimulate the VNO system (housed in the olfactory system), carrying information between nerves and the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls emotions, blood pressure, motion, appetite, sex drive and the neruoendocrinological system).

Research suggests that utilizing the hypothalamus-VNO system link, bodily functions may be regulated directly - with no internal procedures - by administering vomeropherins through the nose.

We are also confident that this research will produce rapid action treatment methods that are easy-to-use, safe and effective in doses of the pico-gram magnitude.

Pherin leads the pharmaceutical industry in VNO system research and continues to search for groundbreaking discoveries. Currently, the company's production focus is vomeropherins and other products that function with the VNO system.

The medical product division of Taisho is currently engaged in bolstering research capabilities and, correspondingly, we are actively seeking cooperative engagements with biopharmaceutical enterprise.

Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Head Office Menlo Park, California, USA
Established 1991
President David L. Berliner