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February 5, 2000

New Product Release : Dermarin Powder Spray
Feel Dry and Clean!

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara), announces the February 5 release of the new Dermarin Powder Spray (60g package; priced at 2,300 yen), a powder type athlete's foot medication containing michonazole nitrate - an imidazole type antifungal agent.

Michonazole nitrate, which has been medically proven to be an effective antifungal agent, is a key ingredient in the aerosol-type Dermarin Powder Spray. This new athlete's foot treatment places active ingredients in a fine powder spray that effectively penetrates to dry the dampened affected area.

Many sufferers of athlete's foot complain that treatments are awkward and soil hands. In one of our market research studies, almost 50% of people currently using an athlete's foot treatment said that they would use a spray-type medication in the future. Our Dermarin Powder Spray meets the demands of these consumers by providing a treatment that can be applied with no hand contact.

The Dermarin series of athlete's foot medication first appeared on the market in 1988, and was the first OTC drug to use michonazole nitrate. The effectiveness and safety of Dermarin products have placed them at the top of the market for athlete's foot treatments.

In the same manner that Dermarin Powder Spray has strengthened our product line, we will continue to pursue new products that will meet the various lifestyle needs of our customers.

Product Features
(1) Ample spray reaches and adheres to dampened affected areas with our jet-type spray nozzle.
(2) Treatment covers the area and penetrates effectively.
(3) Fine powder granules dry moist and damp areas.

Product Overview
Product Name Dermarin Powder Spray
Packaging and Price 60g, 2,300 yen (excluding tax)
Composition (per 60g dose)
Michonazole Nitrate: 90mg
Allantoin: 90mg
Decalinium chloride: 9mg
Lidocaine: 180mg
Uses Athlete's foot, tinea cruris, and rashes
Dosage Apply liberally, using the atomizer, to the affected area once to twice daily.
Release Date February 5, 2000
Sales objective
for the first year
500 yen million
To treat athlete's foot, keep feet:
Medicate amply and regularly (even after condition improves).