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January 17, 2000

New Product Release - Lipovitan D Light Quasi-Drug Drink

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara), today announced the release of Lipovitan D Light, vitamin drink (146 yen for a 100ml bottle) that will be available in convenience stores and drugstores nationwide starting February 1.

The pharmaceutical deregulation, that took effect on March 31, 1999, expanded distribution channels for Taisho's Lipovitan D. In September, we released Alfe-mini 50-ml mini-drink through convenience stores. This product targets women in their teens and 20s.

In a pilot release of Lipovitan D Light last August, we found that this target segment was particularly conscious of both the calorie content and flavor of nutritional drinks. Lipovitan D Light will now be available in convenience stores and drug stores nationwide, and, with this product, we hope to develop a new-user market among young women and youths.

Lipovitan D Light provides all the nutrients and contents of Lipovitan D with 20% fewer calories and cleaner taste that is less sweet.

Our market research indicates that 64% of the people who do not currently use nutritional drinks consider them too sweet, and that 20% of those who do currently use these drinks are concerned about their calorie content. We also found that women in their 10s and 40s are especially calorie-conscious.

Our wide variety of products serves to meet the various needs of our customers, and, with Lipovitan D Light, we hope to attract people who have not used such nutrient drinks before.

Product Features
(1) All the nutrients of Lipovitan D with 20% fewer calories
(2) Clean taste with reduced sweetness

Product Overview
Product Name Lipovitan D Light
Composition Taurine : 1000mg
Inositol : 50mg
Nicotinic acid amide : 20mg
Vitamin B1 nitrate : 5mg
Vitamin B2 phosphate : 5mg
Vitamin B6 : 5mg
Caffeine anhydrite : 50mg
Benzoic acid and scents are added.
Price 1 bottle (100ml) 146 yen (excluding tax)
Uses *For use as a nutritional supplement: when tired or sick; for anorexia and other nutritional ailments; for fevers and exhaustion; and for women who are pregnant or nursing
*For use by those with weak constitutions
*For use as a "pick-me-up"
Dosage Adults (15 years and older) one bottle (100ml) daily
Release Date February 1, 2000
Sales goal for
the first year
15 billion yen (on a shipment basis)