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January 13, 2000

New Product Release: Lipovitan Jr. Vitamin Drink for Growing Children

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara), today announced that Lipovitan Jr., the first nutritional supplement drink for growing children available in stores starting January 15. A single one-dose bottle (50ml, 200 yen) provides many of the vitamins, taurine and minerals that are essential to a child's development. Lipovitan Jr. is intended as a nutritional supplement for children between the ages of 8 and 14 - ages when children's days are filled with school studies and exercise. In addition to key nutritional ingredients - the herbal medicines gomishi and shigoka - the contents of a single small bottle of Lipovitan Jr. provides the calcium and magnesium necessary for healthy growth, as well as effective doses of taurine and B vitamins. With the deregulation governing the sale of pharmaceuticals in April 1999, several of Taisho's products were reclassified as quasi-drugs. Although drugstores are facing increasingly stringent competition as a result of broader distribution channels, we aim to support our retail distributors by developing new products for their shelves. Our first such product was Lipovitan GX, released in July 1999. This was followed by the September release of both Zena Shine and Alfe EX. Each of these products received a favorable customer response. Lipovitan Jr. is the fourth in this product line. Even in the current lackluster economy, we have successfully expanded our consumer base by adapting to the deregulation in the market for vitamin drinks. Taisho remains committed to meeting our customers' healthcare and lifestyle needs with effective products.

Product Features
(1) Combination of gomishi (used in medicated wines) and highly nutritious shigoka
(2) Calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, which are essential to growing children
(3) Tasty mixed berry flavor
(4) Cheery blue-stripe bottle design

Product Overview
Product Name Lipovitan Jr.
Composition (1 bottle contains 50ml)
Liquid gomishi extract : 0.2ml (equivalent to 200mg of gomishi)
Dried shigoka : 16mg (equivalent to 400mg of shigoka)
Calcium gluconic acid : 123.75mg
Calcium chloride : 55.5mg
Taurine : 800mg
Carnitine chloride : 50mg
L-aspartic acidic magnesium : 100mg
Vitamin B1 nitrate : 4mg
Vitamin B2 phosphate : 4mg
Vitamin B6 : 4mg
Nicotinic acid amide : 15mg
Benzoic acid and scents are added.
Price I bottle (50ml) 200 yen (excluding tax)
Uses *For growing children suffering from unbalanced diets, fever and exhaustion, convalescence, eating disorders or nutritionally related ailments.
*As a nutritional supplement
*For children with weak constitutions
Dosage One bottle daily (50ml) for children 8 years old to 14 years old
Release Date January 15, 2000
Sales goal for
the first year
1 billion yen (on a shipment basis)