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Philosophy and Declaration of Corporate Conduct

The Company's mission in its philosophy is to contribute to society by creating and offering superior pharmaceuticals and health-related products as well as healthcare-related information and services in socially responsible ways that enrich people's lives by improving health and beauty.

The amount and variety of health information people require are growing along with the greater responsibility people are taking for the maintenance and improvement of their own health. As this way of thinking becomes more prevalent, Taisho believes that, in respect for people's right to know (full information), the right of self- protection (both personal and family), and the right to choose (products and services), it must conduct its business from the consumer's perspective, and with a long-term view.

As the foundation of all its corporate activities, Taisho recognizes that now, more than ever, it is following in the tradition of shinsho (gentlemanship in business in accordance with high social ethics), a phrase often mentioned by the Company's first honorary chairman, the late Shokichi Uehara. Keeping the root of its business constantly in mind, and with an earnest desire to work for the consumer, it is Taisho's intention to adhere strictly to its philosophy, and to strive to contribute to all fields related to health.

Moreover, as members of society, corporations must base their conduct on the principle of compliance. This involves more than simply compliance with laws and regulations. Recently, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities have taken on greater importance in the context of compliance activities at corporations. Furthermore, there has been a growing trend in industry as a whole for companies to publicly declare the principles underlying their conduct to society.

In April 2010, the Company established the Declaration of Corporate Conduct, in order to express its philosophy in terms of more concrete behavior and set forth matters that all directors and employees must comply with in the course of business activities. The Declaration of Corporate Conduct is the premise for the Corporate Compliance Principles of Taisho, which provide decision-making criteria for employees to observe as they fulfill their daily duties. The Declaration of Corporate Conduct sets forth the basic belief that the Company should work to ensure compliance based on a clear recognition of its responsibilities to consumers, suppliers, customers, employees, shareholders and society at large.

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