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A Message from Management

We will continue to take on new challenges and meet a variety of customer needs.

Shigeru Uehara, Chief Executive Officer

Taisho Pharmaceutical's mission is to contribute to consumers' health and wellbeing. To this end, we have answered a diverse array of people's needs by providing a broad range of products in fields ranging from disease prevention to treatment.

In recent years, the environment surrounding the pharmaceuticals industry has changed dramatically. While responding flexibly and swiftly to these changes, we are focused on two broad operating areas: the Self-Medication Operation Group, which is centered on over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that can be purchased at drugstores and pharmacies, and the Prescription Pharmaceutical Operation Group, which handles prescription pharmaceuticals. Taisho Pharmaceutical is working to drive well-balanced, sustainable growth in these two areas while enhancing its competitiveness.

Looking ahead, we will respond flexibly to our changing times and environment and proactively take on new challenges as we strive to energize and expand the market as a leading OTC drug company. Meanwhile, the Prescription Pharmaceutical Operation Group will enhance its business in fields that make full use of our strengths, and work to bring proprietary original drugs to market.

We look forward to your unswerving support in the years ahead.

Shigeru Uehara, Chief Executive Officer

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