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Contribution to Cultural Activities

Sports builds a foundation for health. Art contributes to the enrichment of life. We provide support for a variety of community cultural activities.

Sporting Contributions

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. ltd. has been an official sponsor of Japan's national rugby team since September 2001. We also promote sports through such activities as sponsoring international little leagues baseball tournaments in hopes of promoting youth friendships that cross boarders and boundaries.

Cultural Contributions

Uehara Museum of Art

On 3rd November, 2017, Uehara Museum of Art reopened after extenshion in Shimoda, South of Izu Peninsula. The museum has two galleries - Buddhist Art Gallery (originally founded as Uehara Museum of Buddhist Art in 1983) and Modern Art Gallery (originally founded as Uehara Museum of Modern Art in 2000).
It's collection has 19th-20th century European and Japanese paintings - especially Impressionists, Matisse, Picasso, Sotaro Yasui, Kunitaro Suda, Kokei Kobayashi etc. And Buddhist art including sculptures and sutras from Nara to Kamakura Period(8th - 13th century), in addition, Modern Buddha statues and paintings.
The museum holds exhibitions that show mainly its collections, and cultural properties in Izu area, and so on. Also it holds lectures, workshops and many other activities to help improve culture in the region.

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