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Prescription Pharmaceutical

Promoting proactive research and development under the theme of “developing original new drugs that are capable of succeeding amid global competition”.

Product Lineup

Main Products

Taisho Pharmaceutical has a product lineup centered on treatments in the fields of infectious diseases, iorthopedic disorders, and metabolic diseases

New Drug Research and Development

Taisho Pharmaceutical, which is advancing R&D for new drugs, has designated infectious diseases, orthopedic disorders, central nervous system (CNS) diseases and metabolic diseases as its priority fields R&D. By concentrating business resources in those priority fields, Taisho Pharmaceutical is working to quickly launch new products. In parallel, the company is striving to expand its new drug pipeline by promoting in-licensing of promising compounds from and joint R&D initiatives with companies and research institutions in Japan and overseas.
For details on Taisho Pharmaceutical’s new drug pipeline, please visit Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings’s website.

See Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings’s “Development Status of Prescription Pharmaceuticals

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