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October 25, 2001

Hiroyuki Sanada Featured in
New ZENA TV Campaign

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announced that Hiroyuki Sanada, a well-known actor in Japan, will be featured in television ads for the ZENA series of health drinks.

Since it released the ZENA series in 1992, Taisho has worked with George Tokoro, a singer, songwriter and comedic talent, in television ads, posters and other promotions for the product line.

The ZENA series has expanded to include nine products over the years, including ZENA F-1and ZENA Ginger. However, to accurately reflect market conditions and the new needs of consumers, Taisho has reevaluated this product line, reducing the number of offerings to six and redesigning product packages. In line with this move, and to strengthen its brand image and customer base, the Company elected to adopt Sanada, who is active in movies and television. In the new TV ads airing from November, Taisho aims to use Sanada’s presence to relay the effectiveness of ZENA products.

Following are the key points in the selection of Sanada:
(1) Well-known in the target age group
(2) Highly evaluated for acting professionalism, and thus able to solidly promote the products

In the first TV ads, Sanada plays a white-collar worker who, with his colleagues, is optimistic and boldly seeks out the fulfillment of his dreams. This dynamic businessman has "no time to be tired." In addition to television ads, Taisho plans to feature Sanada in promotions in magazines (informational and women’s), posters and other media.