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October 25, 2001

ZENA King:Newest Addition to ZENA Lineup
Taisho Renews Series and Packages

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announced that ZENA King (50ml, 2,000 yen), a new product in the ZENA line of health drinks would debut on October 26. In addition, the company outlined plans to renew the ZENA lineup and packaging.

ZENA King incorporates 17 types of herbal medicines (equivalent to 6,050mg of base herbal medicines), including the highly invigorating cistanche and eight other nutrition and invigoration drugs. Because it combines cistanche, callopeptide, cordyceps and other herbal medicines with strong invigoration properties, ZENA King is especially recommended for sufferers of physical and mental fatigue.

Taisho launched the ZENA brand in December 1992. In the series’ ninth year, the number of individual products has also reached nine, allowing the series to respond to a variety of types of fatigue affecting its customers. In addition, customers have demanded to know more about the effects and special characteristics of each product. To respond to such calls from the marketplace, Taisho developed ZENA King and trimmed down the entire lineup to a total of six distinct products. New environmentally friendly paper packages have also been introduced. These packages are categorized as burnable rubbish when empty, and can therefore be safely disposed of in ordinary trash bins.

Featured Herbal Medicines
Cistanche : An invigorating substance made by drying the fleshy leaves of the cistanche salsa, a plant in the orobanchaceae family that grows in desert regions
Callopeptide : An invigorating substance made by drying the penis and testicles of animals such as harbor seals
Cordyceps : An invigorating substance comprising the larva of epialidae invaded by the parasite cordyceps sinensis, found in Tibetan highlands and other areas around 4,000m above sea level

Product Features
- 17 types of herbal medicines (equivalent to 6,050mg of base herbal medicines), including eight nutrition and invigoration drugs
- Three-surface sales-point-oriented design to show ingredients and efficacy at a glance
- All-in-one paper package in consideration of environmental protection

Product Overview
Product Name ZENA King
Suggested retail price 2,000 yen (plus tax)
Composition (per 50ml bottle)
  Cistanche extract 151.6mg
  Callopeptide extract 0.1ml
  Cervi parvum cornu tincture 1.08ml
  Epimedium 100mg
  Cordyceps extract 0.3ml
  Cnidium extract 600mg
  Convolvulaceae extract 33mg
  Eucommia extract 0.3ml
  Muirapuama extract-A 15mg
  Ginseng extract M 90mg
  Dioscorea extract 0.3ml
  Agkistrodon tincture 1.25ml
  Cornus extract 0.5ml
  Poria extract-A 9.6mg
  Schisandra extract 0.3ml
  Jiugancao extract 25mg
  Rehmannia extract-A 150mg
  Taurine 500mg
  Vitamin B2 phosphate 5mg
  Vitamin B6 5mg
  Caffeine anhydrite 50mg
Uses For use as a nutritional supplement for tiredness or sickness, weak constitution, physical fatigue, fevers and exhaustion, anorexia, during and after sickness, nutritional disorders, women during pregnancy and nursing period
Dosage Adults (over 15 years): One bottle (50ml) daily
Date released October 26, 2001
Sales goal for the first year 1.0 billion yen