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September 18, 2001

Introducing: SUPPORT VAN 21 (21st Century POS System)

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) has developed Support VAN21, a highly functional information-oriented Open POS (point-of-sales) system that can meet the requirements of the retail medicine field in the IT (information technology) age. The new system will become available for use in November 2001.

Support VAN21, the POS system of the 21st century, has an open configuration allowing free data linkage with personal computers (PCs), as well as real-time information exchange. Its large-capacity POS database accommodates the registration of 50,000 product items and 50,000 customer names. The system, tailored to the needs of the IT age, further permits POS data analyses via the Internet, including instantaneous good-seller analyses.

Since its founding, Taisho has been committed to supporting its retail clients. In 1987, the company developed its Support VAN POS system. Since then, it has continued to pursue the functions required to enhance pharmacy and drugstore management through the design and development of ever better systems.

Today, in an atmosphere in which the economic future is difficult to predict, Taisho's retail customers face a harsh operating environment. Effective assistance using the Support VAN system requires that Taisho develop and supply increasingly sophisticated systems.

The Support VAN21 system combines store management and management support functions through the strategic utilization of meaningful data, in addition to strengthened clientele management and information supply functions intended to secure prime customers. Taisho has also reinforced its headquarters information system to serve chain drug stores and enable it to flexibly respond to the diverse needs of individual clients.

Taisho will continue to develop and provide tools for supporting the responsive of its retail customers to changing needs, and step up efforts to promote self-medication.